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Ashim K. Bhattacharyya Cholesterol, bile acids, and lipoprotein metabolism in high- and low-responding rhesus monkeys; adipose tissue, fatty acids, and atherosclerosis in youth; diet and atherosclerosis


Donald A. Boudreau

Medical informatics: computer applications in medicine; mathematical modeling


Pelayo Correa Cancer epidemiology


Mohan G. Kokatnur

Clinical correlation to laboratory cardiac biomarkers


Gregory D. Sloop Blood viscosity; atherosclerosis


Herbert C. Stary Cardiovascular disease in general and atherosclerosis in particular; the mechanisms whereby atherosclerotic lesions develop or regress; studies with light and electron microscopic morphometric methods; human and experimental


Jack P. Strong Natural history of human atherosclerosis; epidemiology, geographic pathology, and pathogenesis of atherosclerosis; pathobiological determinants of atherosclerosis in youth; atherosclerosis in primates


Richard E. Tracy Human atherosclerosis; natural history of benign nephrosclerosis


Ronald A. Welsh Immunohistochemistry in tumor diagnosis