Please click on any of the following links below to learn more about lung cancer advocacy & awareness:


​Booklets & Handouts

  1. Addressing the Stigma of Lung Cancer (American Lung Association)

  2. Advocacy and Policy Glossary (Prevent Cancer Foundation)

  3. Advocacy Toolkit (Prevent Cancer Foundation)

  4. Be Your Own Advocate (CancerCare)

  5. Bringing People Together to Raise Awareness of Lung Cancer (Global Lung Cancer Coalition)

  6. Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer (National Cancer Institute)

  7. SELF-ADVOCACY: A Cancer Survivor's Handbook (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship)

  8. State Based Lung Cancer Advocacy Guide (Caring Ambassadors)

  9. Transforming Stigma (Free to Breathe)


Interactive Library

  1. Advocating for a Loved One - And Yourself - When Facing a Cancer Diagnosis (Patient Power)

  2. Advocating for Yourself Through Lung Cancer Education (Patient Power)

  3. Empowering Lung Cancer Patients Through Advocacy (Patient Power)


Web Pages 

  1. Ambassadors (Lung Cancer Connection)

  2. Advocate (Prevent Cancer Foundation)

  3. Advocacy Connector (

  4. Advocacy Tool Kit (Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program)

  5. Be Your Own Advocate (CancerCare)

  6. Become an Advocate (American Lung Association)

  7. Become a Lung Cancer Advocate (Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program)

  8. Being a Cancer Advocate (Cancer.Net)

  9. Getting Involved (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  10. How to Be Your Own Advocate as a Cancer Patient (

  11. Impacting Policy (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  12. Learn How to Become a Lung Cancer Advocate (

  13. Lung Cancer Action Center (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  14. Advocating for Lung Cancer Patients (American Lung Association)

  15. Lung Cancer Advocacy (LUNGevity Foundation)

  16. Tips to Become and Advocate (American Lung Association)

  17. The Lung Cancer Ribbon (

  18. Why Be An Advocate? (


Social Media

  1. "Lung Cancer Awareness" Group (Facebook)

  2. Search using #LCSM or #lungcancer (Twitter)

  3. Social Media 101 For Advocates (Cancer.Net)


Video Library 

  1. Advocacy in Action (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  2. Advocacy in Action: Understanding Biomarker Testing in Lung Cancer

  3. Being a Cancer Advocate (Cancer.Net)

  4. Changing the Face of Lung Cancer (Team Draft)

  5. Empowering Lung Cancer Patients Through Advocacy (LUNGevity)

  6. "Superstar releases new single to support lung cancer" (Jewel, Health Talk)


Patient Programs

  1. Patient Advocate Foundation



  1. State Based Lung Cancer Advocacy (Caring Ambassadors)



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