Please click on any of the links below for information on after treatment & follow-up care:



  1. Cancer Survivorship (Cancer.Net)

  2. Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute) 

  3. Follow-up After Treatment for Lung Cancer: Information for Patients, Relatives and Carers (Imperial College Healthcare)


Handouts & Worksheets

  1. Living with Lung Cancer: Life After Treatment for Lung Cancer (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  2. Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

  3. Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan for Small Cell Lung Cancer (American Society of Clinical Oncology)

  4. What Should I Tell My Doctor During My Follow-up Visits? (Life with Lung Cancer)


Web Pages

  1. Medical Care after Treatment (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

  2. A Guide to Follow-up Care After Lung Cancer (Healthgrades)

  3. Follow-up Care After Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute)

  4. Follow-Up for Lung Cancer (Cancer Research UK)

  5. Life after treatment (Cancer Council NSW)

  6. Life After Treatment for Lung Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  7. Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell: Follow-Up Care (Cancer.Net)

  8. Lung Cancer - Small Cell: Follow-up Care (Cancer.Net)

  9. Taking Charge of Follow-up Care (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)


Interactive Tools

  1. Survivorship Care Plan (OncoLife)


Video Library

  1. Follow up Care After Cancer Treatment (LifeWithLungCancer)



  1. National Cancer Survivors Day

  2. National Coalition For Cancer Survivorship

















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