Please clink on any of the links found below to learn more about molecular biomarkers, also known as tumor or genomic testing for lung cancer:

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  1. ALK Positive Lung Cancer Definition and Treatment (verywellhealth)

  2. Introduction to ALK Inhibitors (LUNGevity Foundation) (YouTube)

       3. ALK and Lung Cancer (American Lung Association)


  1. What is EGFR Postive Lung Cancer? (verywellhealth)

  2. EGFR + Lung Cancer Can Change. Do You Know Your Next Steps? (EGFR Connects) (booklet)

  3. Introduction to EGFR Inhibitors (LUNGevity Foundation) (YouTube)


  1. An Overview of ROS1 Positive Lung Cancer (verywellhealth)

  2. ROS1 Testing Is Increasingly Important in Lung Cancer (Cure)

  3. ROS1 Mutations in Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Foundation of America) (YouTube)


Booklets & Handouts

  1. Individualizing Your Lung Cancer Care: Informing Decisions Through Biomarker Testing (EmergingMed)

  2. New Lung Cancer Treatment Possibilities Through Molecular Tumor Testing (Free to Breathe)

  3. Molecular Testing (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly the Lung Cancer Alliance)

  4. Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer: Myths vs. Facts (Pfizer Oncology)

  5. Molecular Testing is Changing the Face of Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer initiative)

  6. Understanding Lung Cancer: How molecular profiles are changing the way we look at the disease...and what it means for YOU (Lung Cancer Profiles)

  7. What You Need to Know About Lung Cancer Tumor Testing (American Lung Association)


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Web Pages

  1. Biomarker Testing (Let's Face Lung Cancer)

  2. Lung Cancer Biomarkers Discussion Guide (Lung Cancer Profiles)

  3. Lung Cancer: Genomic Testing (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  4. Mapping Your Mutations: What Everyone With Lung Cancer Needs to Know (Everyday Health)

  5. Molecular Profiling of Lung Cancer (My Cancer Genome)

  6. Types of Biomarkers (Personalized Medicine Coalition)

  7. Tumor Markers (National Cancer Institute)

  8. What Else Do I Need to Know About Getting My Tumor Tested? (Lung Cancer Foundation of America)

  9. Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing (American Lung Association)



  1. Lung Cancer Profiles

  2. Test. Talk. Take Action.


Video Library

  1. Diagnostic Testing for Genetic Mutations in Lung Cancer (LUNGevity Foundation)

  2. How Molecular Profiling Is Changing the Fight Against Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Profiles)

  3. Lung Cancer - Molecular Tumor Testing (LifeWithLungCancer)

  4. "Putting the Pieces Together" Animation (Test. Talk. Take Action.)

  5. Tumor Testing: Understanding Your Unique Lung Cancer (American Lung Association)

  6. Understanding Mutations in Lung Cancer (LUNGevity Foundation)





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