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Questions to Ask


  1. Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell: Questions to Ask the Health Care Team (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  2. Lung Cancer: 12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor (WebMD) (web page)

  3. Medication Questions (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing) (worksheet)

  4. My Questions for This Visit (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) (worksheet)

  5. New Diagnosis: Questions to Ask (OncoLink) (web page)

  6. Questions (LUNGevity) (web page)

  7. Questions for Patients with Cancer to Ask Their Care T eam (Institute of Medicine) (handout)

  8. Questions for Your Doctor (Cancer Council NSW) (handout)

  9. Questions to Ask: When you go to the doctor or hospital (NHS) (easy read booklet)

  10. Questions to Ask...Medical Oncologist, Pulmonologist, Radiation Oncologist, Thoracic Surgeon ( (web page)

  11. Questions to Ask My Doctor About Lung Cancer (American Cancer Society) (workbook)

  12. Questions to Ask My Doctor About My Cancer (ACT, About Clinical Trials) (worksheet)

  13. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Treatment (National Cancer Institute) (web page)

  14. Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  15. Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team (CancerCare's fact sheet) (handout)

  16. Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team (CancerCare's fact sheet) (worksheet)

  17. Questions for Your Lung Cancer Care Team (American Lung Association) (booklet)

  18. The Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, NCCS) (handout)

  19. Top Five Questions for your Lung Cancer Doctor (American Lung Association) (handout)


Interactive Online Tools

  1. Doctor-Patient Communication Quiz (University of Rochester Medical Center)

  2. Question Builder: Be Prepared for Your Next Medical Appointment (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)



  1. Difficult Conversations Workbook (Center for Communication in Medicine)

  2. Discussing Changes in Your Health: Worksheet (National Institute of Aging)

  3. Discussing Your Concerns with the Doctor: Worksheet (National Institute of Aging)

  4. Know Thyself (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship,NCCS)

  5. My Appointment Notes (Cancer.Net)

  6. My History (Cancer.Net)

  7. My Medication List (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing)

  8. My Test Results (Cancer.Net)

  9. Navigating Lung Cancer: What's Next? (LUNGevity)

  10. Preparing for Your Appointment (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing) 

  11. Results of the Appointment: Routine Health Exams (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing)

  12. Tips for Talking with Your Doctor: Concerns to Discuss (NIIH, National Institute on Aging)

  13. Track Your Medical Tests and Procedures (Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing)


Handouts & Fact Sheets

  1. 8 Tips for Communicating Well with Your Healthcare Provider (Mon Health Medical Center)

  2. Be More Involved in Your Health Care: Tips for Patients (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  3. Doctor, Can We Talk?: Tips for Communicating with Your Health Care Team (CancerCare)

  4. Pocket Guide to Talking About Side Effects of Cancer Treatments (MD Anderson)

  5. Quick Tips When Talking With Your Doctor (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  6. The Value of Assertiveness When Talking to Your Doctor (CancerCare)

  7. Tips on Communicating With Your Doctor (Consumer Reports Health)

  8. Top Ten Tips for Communicating with your Lung Cancer Care Team (American Lung Association)

  9. What Should Patients Do to Help Make Care Safe (National Patient Safety Foundation)

  10. When to Get a Second Opinion (CancerCare)



  1. A Guide for Older People: Talking with Your Doctor (NIH, National Institute on Aging)

  2. Communicating with Your Health Care Team (CancerCare)

  3. Doctor-Patient Communication: Communicating With Your Health Care Team (CancerCare)

  4. Talking About Complementary and Alternative Medicine with Health Care Providers: A Workbook and Tips (National Cancer Institute)

  5. Talking With Your Doctor: A Guide for Older People (National Institute on Aging) 

  6. Teamwork: The Cancer Patient's Guide to Talking With Your Doctor (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship)


Web Pages

  1. Doctor-Patient Communication: Talking with Your Doctor (National Institute of Aging)

  2. How to Communicate With Your Medical Team (Patient Empowerment Network)

  3. Tools to Monitor Treatment (American Cancer Society)


Video Library

  1. How to Communicate with Your Healthcare Team (Livestrong)

  2. How to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit  | Be a Prepared Patient (Center for Advancing Health, CFAH)

  3. How Should I Prepare for Discussions With My Doctor ? (ACT, About Clinical Trials)

  4. Make a List (Talking with Your Doctor) (NIH Senior Health)

  5. Remembering What You and Your Doctor Discussed (NIH Senior Health)




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