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Coping With Side Effects & Physical Coping Strategies:

  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Breathlessness in Lung Cancer: Coping with Breathlessness (Roy Castle Cancer Foundation)

  2. Breathlessness in Lung Cancer: Managing Everyday Activities (Roy Castle Cancer Foundation)

  3. Coping with Hair Loss (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  4. Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell: Coping with Side Effects (

  • Booklets
  1. Getting the Air You Need: A Practical Guide to Coping With and Managing Shortness of Breath (Juravinski Cancer Centre)

  2. Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer (National Cancer Institute)

  • Web Pages
  1. Coping with Cancer-Related Weight Changes and Muscle Loss (CancerCare)

  • Video Library
  1. Coping with Digestive Problems from Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Alliance)        


Emotional & Mental Coping Strategies:

  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Adult Cancer Survivor: Emotional Concerns (CancerCare)

  2. Cancer and Your Feelings (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  3. Coping with Sadness Throughout and After Treatment (CancerCare)

  4. Counseling to Better Cope with a Cancer Diagnosis (CancerCare)

  5. For Patients and Caregivers: Coping and Emotional Support (Lung Cancer Canada)

  6. How to Recognize and Change Negative Thought Patterns When You Have Cancer (CancerCare)

  7. Strengthening the Spirit (CancerCare)

  8. Your Feelings After Cancer Treatment (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  • Booklets
  1. Distress in People with Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  2. Helping You Cope with the Emotional Effects of Cancer: How Are You Feeling? (Macmillan Cancer Support) 

  3. How Are You Feeling? (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  •  Web Pages
  1. Adjustment to Cancer: Anxiety and Distress (PDQ®)–Patient Version (National Cancer Institute)

  2. Attitudes and Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  3. Coping Checklists for Patients and Caregivers (American Cancer Society)

  4. Coping with a Lung Cancer Diagnosis (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  5. Coping with Thoughts and Feelings While Living with Cancer (UPMC)

  6. Counseling (

  7. How to Recognize and Change Negative Thought Patterns When You Have Cancer (

  8. Lung Cancer Coping and Support (Mayo Clinic) 

  9. Managing Emotions (Cancer.Net)

  10. Staying Positive with Lung Disease (Lung Institute) 

  11. Understanding the Emotions Effects of Lung Cancer (Navigating Lung Cancer)

  12. Managing Mental Health After a Cancer Diagnosis (Georgetown School of Nursing & Health Studies)

  • Video Library
  1. Coping With Emotions After Cancer Treatment (LifeWithLungCancer)

  2. Finding Mental Stability When Coping With Lung Cancer (Patient Power)

  3. Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Coping With Anxiety and Depression - Webinar (Cancer Support Community)

  4. Lung Cancer- Emotions, support and depression (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  5. Tips for Working Through the Emotions of Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  • Mental Health Services
  1. American Psychosocial Oncology Society


Relaxation Techniques:

  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Difficulty Sleeping: Tips to Relax Before Bedtime (CancerCare)

  2. Relaxation Techniques (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  3. Relaxation Techniques and Mind/Body Practices: How They Can Help You Cope with Cancer (CancerCare)


Coping with Stigma:

  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Coping with Reactions to Your Diagnosis (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  • Booklets
  1. Lung Cancer Stigma: How to Cope (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  • Web Pages
  1. Overcoming the Stigma of Lung Cancer (Pasadena Cyberknife Center)

  2. Tips for Dealing with Lung Cancer Stigma (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

  • Video Library
  1. Fighting the Stigma of Lung Cancer (

  2. Frankly Speaking About Lung Cancer: Coping with Stigma, Blame and Shame - Webinar (Cancer Support Community)


Practical & Comprehensive Coping Strategies:

  • Handouts & Fact Sheets
  1. Coping with Lung Cancer (CancerCare)

  2. Coping with Reactions to Your Lung Cancer Diagnosis (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  3. Know That You Are Not Alone (Bristol-Myers Squibb)

  4. Living with Lung Cancer: Coping with a Lung Cancer Diagnosis (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  5. The Value of Oncology Social Workers (CancerCare)

  6. What You Can Do (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  • Booklets
  1. Coping With Advanced Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  2. Coping with Advanced Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  3. Coping with Advanced Cancer (National Cancer Institute)

  4. Coping with Cancer in Everyday Life (American Cancer Society)

  5. Coping With Cancer: Tools to Help You Live (CancerCare)

  6. Coping with Lung Cancer: The Emotional Journey (Inspire)

  7. Living With Uncertainty: The Fear of Cancer Recurrence (American Cancer Society)

  • Web Pages
  1. Coping with Cancer (Cancer.Net)

  2. Coping With Cancer (National Cancer Institute)

  3. Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis (OncoLink)

  4. Coping with Lung Cancer (CancerCare)

  5. Coping with Lung Cancer (Cancer Research UK)

  6. Coping with Lung Cancer ( 

  7. Coping with Diagnosis (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly Lung Cancer Alliance) 

  8. Lung Cancer Info: Dealing with a Diagnosis (Free to Breathe)

  • Video Library
  1. Ask the Expert: Making Meaning of Your Diagnosis (American Lung Association)

  2. Coping with Family Challenges After a Cancer Diagnosis (Patient Power)

  3. Coping With Lung Cancer (LifeWithLungCancer)  

  4. Coping with Lung Cancer: An Individual Experience (Patient Power)

  5. Coping With Lung Cancer - Coral and Alex's Story (LifeWithLungCancer)

  6. Coping With Lung Cancer Recurrence (LifeWithLungCancer)

  7. Lung Cancer - Coping With Change (Amy Lynn, WhatNext Info)


Interactive Tools & Worksheet Journals:

  1. Think About Your Life: Practical Tools for People on the Cancer Journey (Helen Sanderson Associates)

  2. The Patient Personal Journal (

  3. Documenting the Journey: A Lung Cancer Patient's Journal (Lung Cancer Initiative)

  4. "My Plan Worksheet" (Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program)

  5. The Emotional Facts of Life with Cancer: A Guide to Counseling and Support for Patients, Families and Friends (CAPO)

  6. About Me (Life with Cancer)


Online & In-Person Programs:

  1. I Can Cope (American Cancer Society)

  2. Look Good...Feel Better (





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