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Please click on any of the following family health history tools and materials:


Interactive Tools 

  1. Does it Run In the Family? A Family Health History Tool from Genetic Alliance


  3. Family HealthLink Assessment

  4. My Family Health Portrait

  5. Start Your Free Family Tree


Booklets & Guides

  1. Cancer Genetics: How Cancer Sometimes Run in Families (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  2. "Does it Run in the Family?": A Guide to Family Health History (Genetic Alliance)

  3. "Does it Run in the Family?": A Guide to Genetics and Health (Genetic Alliance)

  4. Family Health History Toolkit: Make Family Health History a Tradition (Utah Department of Health, Chronic Disease Genomics Program)

  5. Family Health History Toolkit: Make Family Health History a Tradition (Utah Department of Health, Chronic Disease Genomics Program)

  6. Genes and Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  7. Genetic Testing: What it Means For Your Health & For Your Family's Health (National Institutes of Health)

  8. Help Me Understand Genetics (Genetics Home Reference)

  9. Help Me Understand Genetics: Inheriting Genetic Conditions (Genetics Home Reference)

  10. Making Sense of Your Genes: A Guide to Genetic Counseling (National Society of Genetic Counselors)



  1. Are There Significant Genetic Risks for Lung Cancer? (GRACE, Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education)

  2. Before You Start (The U.S. General's Family History Initiative)

  3. Collecting Your Cancer Family History (Cancer.Net)

  4. Family Health History Is Important to Your Health (CDC's National Office of Public Health Genomics) 

  5. Family History: Gathering Information About Cancer (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  6. Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions: Lung Cancer (Genetic Home Reference)



  1. Drawing a Family History Worksheet (National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre) 

  2. Family Health History Form (March of Dimes) 

  3. Family Health History Questionnaire (Genetic Alliance)

  4. Health & Your Family Tree (Cleveland Clinic)

  5. Health Care Provider Card: Summary of Family Health History

  6. Know Your Family History (MD Cancer Center)
  7. Your Family Medical History Worksheet (Prevent Cancer Foundation)



  1. Family Health History: Knowing your past can protect your future. (Jenny Johnson, CHES, Chronic Disease Genomics Program, Utah Department of Health (PowerPoint Presentation)


Web Pages, Articles, & Blogs

  1. Collecting a Family History (American Medical Association)

  2. "How to Draw Your Family Tree" (National Society of Genetic Counselors)

  3. Family Health History (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  4. Family Health History (University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center)

  5. Family History: The Importance of Knowing Your Family History FAQ (Cleveland Clinic)

  6. Genetics (Cancer.Net)

  7. Genetic Risk (University of Utah, Genetic Science Learning Center)

  8. History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy (HomeAdvisor)

  9. Obtaining an Older Patient's Medical History (NIH National Institute on Aging)

  10. Researching Your Family History (Yale Cancer Center)

  11. The Genetics of Cancer (National Cancer Institute)

  12. What does it mean if a disorder seems to run in my family? (Genetics Home Reference)

  13. Genetics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Medscape)

  14. Your Family Healthy History: A DNA Day Activity (



  1. FamilySearch

  2. Genes in Life

  3. Genetic Alliance

  4. Genetics Home Reference

  5. Geni

  6. Know Your Family History

  7. InformedDNA


Video Library

  1. "Family History: A Window on Your Health" (GenomeTV, National Human Genome Research Institute)

  2. Family Health History: Why and How? (Human Genetics Society)

  3. Genetics 101: What Are Genes (Khan Academy & 23andme)




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