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Interactive Tools & Quizzes

  1. Low-Dose CT Lung Screening Risk Assessment (Martin Health System)

  2. Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Tool: Does Lung Cancer Screening Make Sense for Me? (American Association for Thoracic Surgery)

  3. Lung Cancer Screening Decision Tool (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  4. Lung Cancer Screening Eligibility Quiz (American Lung Association's "Saved By the Scan")​​



  1. I am at high risk for lung cancer: Now what? (American Lung Association)

  2. Lung Cancer Screening Program Risk Assessment Tool (

  3. Lung Cancer Screening Program Risk Assessment Tool (Lung Cancer Initiative)

  4. Patient-Friendly Insurance Chart: Is lung cancer screening covered under your insurance? (American Lung Association)

  5. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (Don’t Guess Test)

  6. Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company About Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening (American Lung Association)


Fact Sheets & Handouts

  1. Computed Tomography (CT) - Chest (

  2. Helping You Decide About Lung Cancer Screening

  3. Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? (American Lung Association)

  4. Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? A Decision Aid for People Considering Lung Cancer with Low-Dose Computed Tomography (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  5. Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? A Decision-making Tool for You and Your Health Care Professional (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  6. Lung Cancer CT Screening: Is It Right For Me? (American Lung Association)

  7. Lung Cancer Screening: A Clinician Checklist (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  8. Lung Cancer Screening: Coverage in Health Insurance Plans (American Lung Association)

  9. Medicare Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening: Frequently Asked Questions (American Lung Association)

  10. Patient and Physician Guide: National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) (

  11. "Should I be Screened for Lung Cancer" (City of Hope) (infographic handout)

  12. Should You Be Screened for Lung Cancer? (Free to Breathe)

  13. Talking With Your Patients About Screening for Lung Cancer (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force)

  14. Understanding Lung Cancer Risk and Screening (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly the Lung Cancer Alliance)

  15. Understanding Task Force Recommendations: Screening for Lung Cancer (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force)

  16. What to Look for in a Lung Cancer Screening Facility (American Lung Association)



  1. Decision Aid for Lung Cancer Screening with Computerized Tomography (American Thoracic Society)

  2. Lung Cancer Screening: NCCN Guidelines for Patients (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

  3. Lung Cancer Screening Programs (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC)


Websites & Web Pages

  1. Lung Cancer Screening (

  2. Lung Cancer Screening Tools (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

  3. Patient Information: Lung Cancer Prevention and Screening, Beyond the Basics (UpToDate)

  4. Saved By The Scan (American Lung Association)

  5. About Screening (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer)

  6. (University of Michigan)

  7. What Do I Need to Know about Lung Cancer Screening? (American Lung Association)

  8. Why Lung Cancer Screening Isn't for Never Smokers (American Lung Association)


Video Library

  1. Behind the Science: Lung Cancer Screening (American Cancer Society)

  2. "CT Screening of People at Very High Risk for Lung Cancer" (Dr. Peter B. Bach, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  3. Lung Cancer Screening (Dr. Ella A. Kazerooni, MD, MS & Dr. Douglas S. Arenberg, MD, UM Health System)

  4. Understanding Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines (Free to Breathe)

  5. What is Lung Cancer Screening? (Legacy Health)


Screening Centers

  1. Lung Cancer Screening Centers by State (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer)















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