Please click on any of the links below to learn more about lung cancer prevention and tips:


Booklets & Patient Guides

  1. Learning About New Ways to Prevent Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  2. Lung Cancer Prevention (American Thoracic Society)

  3. Lung Cancer Preventions and Early Detection (American Cancer Society)

  4. Stop Cancer Before it Starts! A Guide to Prevent Cancer (Prevent Cancer Foundation)



  1. Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Worksheet for Men (American Cancer Society)


Web Pages

  1. Causes and Prevention (National Cancer Institute) 

  2. Cancer Causes and Preventions (National Cancer Institute)

  3. Lung Cancer - Prevention (NHS Choices)

  4. Lung Cancer Prevention (PDQ®)–Patient Version (National Cancer Institute)

  5. Lung Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (American Cancer Society)

  6. Reducing Your Risk (LUNGevity)

  7. What You Need to Know about Preventing...Lung Cancer: What's the Evidence? (American Institute for Cancer Research)





















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