no smoking signPlease click on any of the following links below for smoking cessation tools, tips and support, and scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and cigars:




Smoking Calculators

  1. Cigarette Calculator: "How Many Cigarettes is That?" (American Cancer Society)

  2. Financial Cost of Smoking Calculator (American Heart Association)

  3. How Much Will You Save? (

  4. Pack Year Calculator (

  5. Smoking Pack Years Calculator (Masters and Tutt)

  6. Smoking Quiz (Anne Arundel Medical Center)

  7. The Cost of Smoking: The Benefits of Quitting & Expert Strategies for Becoming Smoke-Free (


Smoking Quizzes & Assessments

  1. Are You Ready to Quit? (American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking)

  2. Quiz: Stress (

  3. Non-Smoking Confidence Assessment and Tips (American Heart Association)

  4. Quit Smoking Meter (

  5. Quiz: How Bad is Secondhand Smoke? (

  6. Quiz: How Strong is Your Nicotine Addiction? (

  7. Smoking Quiz: Test Your Medical IQ (

  8. Stop Smoking Quiz (American Cancer Society)

  9. "What Do You Know About Quitting Smoking?" Quiz (Inspira Health Network)



  1. Personal Progress Tracker (Pfizer)

  2. Quit Smoking Before Your Operation: Your Action Plan (American College of Surgeons)

  3. Smoking Tracking Sheet (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  4. Your Plan-To-Quit Cards (Pfizer)


Handouts & Leaflets

  1. 10 Things You Should Know About Smoking (Pfizer)

  2. 31 Things to Do Instead of Smoke (Pfizer)

  3. Be Smoke Free: Cut Your Cancer Risk (Cancer Research UK)

  4. Cigarette Time/Cost Calculator: How Much Are Cigarettes Really Costing You (Pfizer)

  5. Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking (Pfizer)

  6. Lung Cancer in African American Men (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC)

  7. Smoking Affects Surgical Outcomes (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  8. Smoking Desire: Strategies to Manage (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  9. Smoking: Preparing to Quit (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  10. Smoking: Preventing Relapse After Quitting (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  11. Smoking: Strategies for Coping When Quitting (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  12. Staying Motivated to Quit (Pfizer)

  13. Using the Buddy System to Help You Stay Quit (Pfizer)

  14. Why Quit Now?: A Resource for Those at High Risk for Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Alliance)

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Manuals & Booklets

  1. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: An Overview (Forever Free) (Booklet 1)

  2. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Smoking Urges (Forever Free) (Booklet 2)

  3. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Smoking and Weight (Forever Free) (Booklet 3)

  4. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: What If You Have a Cigarette? (Forever Free) (Booklet 4)

  5. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Your Health (Forever Free) (Booklet 5)

  6. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Smoking, Stress, and Mood (Forever Free) (Booklet 6)

  7. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Lifestyle Balance (Forever Free) (Booklet 7)

  8. A Guide to Remaining Smoke Free: Life Without Cigarettes (Forever Free) (Booklet 8)

  9. Clear Horizons: Quit Smoking Guide for People 50 and Older (National Cancer Institute)

  10. Clearing the Air: Quit Smoking Today (National Cancer Institute)

  11. Guide to Quitting Smoking (American Cancer Society)

  12. It's Final. I'm Quitting Smoking! (Jean-Francois Etter)

  13. Quit Smoking Before Your Operation (American College of Surgeons)

  14. Secondhand Smoke: What it Means to You (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC)

  15. Smoking Cessation Educational Kit (University of Pittsburgh)

  16. Smoking Cessation Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Families (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

  17. Smoking Cessation Quit Kit: "You Can Quit Smoking" Consumer Guide  (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

  18. You Can Quit Smoking Quite Guide (QuitPlan)


Interactive Online Guide

  1. Your First Step Towards Change: Smoking (Cambridge Health Alliance)


Smoking Cessation Book

  1. Never Take Another Puff (Joel Spitzer)


Smoking Cessation Websites


  2. Quitter's Circle

  3. Quit Smoking Community



Online Programs

  1. Freedom From Smoking Online (American Lung Association)


Smoking Helplines  

  1. Louisiana QuitLine: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)  

  2. National Cancer Institute QuitLine: 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848)


Mobile Apps

  1. Quitter's Circle: Support to Help You Stop Smoking (Pfizer)

  2. QuitGuide Mobile App ( & Tobacco Control Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute)

  3. QuitSTART App (National Cancer Institute)  

  4. SmokefreeTXT (


Web Pages

  1. I Want to Quit Smoking (American Lung Association)

  2. No Safe Level of Smoking: Even low-intensity smokers are at increased risk of earlier death (National Cancer Institute)

  3. Quitting smoking: 10 ways to resist tobacco cravings (Mayo Clinic)


Electronic Cigarettes:

  1. E-Cigarettes (American Academy of Pediatrics) (handout)

  2. E-cigarettes (California Youth Advocacy Network) (handout)

  3. E-cigerattes (European Lung Foundation) (handout)

  4. Electronic Cigarettes (Cardiology Patient Page, Grana et al, 2014) (journal article)

  5. Electronic Cigarettes (Denver Public Health) (handout)

  6. E-cigarettes and Lung Health (American Lung Association) (web page)

  7. E-Cigarettes Fact Sheet (Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy) (fact sheet)

  8. E Cigarettes- Frequently Asked Questions (Marie Keating Foundation) (web page)

  9. Electronic cigarettes: Not a safe way to light up (Mayo Clinic) (handout)

  10. Electronic Cigarettes: What You Need to Know (American Academy Family Physicians) (handout)

  11. Electronic Smoking Devices and Secondhand Aerosol (ANR) (handout)

  12. Facts About Electronic Cigarettes (John Hopkins Medicine) (web page)

  13. Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Cigarettes (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (handout)

  14. Myths and Facts About E-cigarettes (American Lung Association) (web page)

  15. Popcorn Lung: A Dangerous Risk of Flavored E-Cigarettes (American Lung Association) (blog article)

  16. The Electronic Cigarette (American Thoracic Society) (handout)

  17. What We Know About E-Cigarettes ( (web page)

  18. What You Should Know About E-Cigarettes (American Heart Association) (booklet)


Chewing or Smokeless Tobacco:

  1. A Complete Guide to Chewing Tobacco: Effects, Addiction, and How to Quit (Quit Smoking Community) (web page)

  2. Chew, Spit, Dip and Smokeless Tobacco Info (Wellness Proposals) (web page)

  3. Chewing tobacco: Not a safe product (Mayo Clinic) (handout)

  4. Skip the Dip ( (web page)

  5. Smokeless Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting (National Institutes of Health) (booklet)

  6. Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer (National Institutes of Health) (web page)

  7. Quitting Dip ( (web page)



  1. Cigars (American Thoracic Society) (handout)
  2. Cigar Smoking and Cancer (Fact Sheet) (OncologyNurseAdvisor) (web page)

  3. Cigar Smoking and Cancer (National Institutes of Health) (web page)

  4. Cigar Smoking Effects, Harms, and Cancer Risk (Caner Therapy Advisor) (web page)

  5. Cigar Smoking Handouts and Fact Sheets (Wellness Proposals) (web page)

  6. Cigar Smoke is Toxic ( (handout)

  7. Cigar Smoking: Safer than Cigarette Smoking? (Mayo Clinic) (handout)

  8. Health Effects of Cigars (American Lung Association) (web page)


Video Library:

  1. Smoking - The Anatomy of Nicotine Addiction (Mayo Clinic)

  2. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking

  3. Quitting Smoking Timeline (



  1. Careers Against Smoking ( (web page)

  2. Dangers of Cigars, Cigarettes and Hookah (Lung Health Institute) (web page)

  3. When the smoke clears: Protecting the nonsmokers in your life ( (handout)
























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