Please click on any of the following links below to learn more about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer: 


Handouts & Other Patient Materials

  1. Is it Lung Cancer? (Cancer Care Ontario)

  2. Managing Lung Cancer Symptoms: Lung Cancer Symptoms (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  3. Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)



  1. Lung Symptoms Assessment Questionnaire (Right Diagnosis)


Web Pages

  1. 7 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Should Know (Lung Cancer Foundation of America)

  2. Lung Cancer Signs: 10 Early Warning Signs of Lung Cancer (

  3. Lung Cancer Symptoms (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  4. Signs & Symptoms (LUNGevity)

  5. Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  6. Symptoms (Cancer Research UK)

  7. Symptoms of Lung Cancer (CHEST Foundation)

  8. Symptoms of Lung Cancer (

  9. Symptoms: What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer? (American Lung Association)


Video Library

  1. Lung Cancer Symptoms : What You Need to Know (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)
  2. Most Common Symptoms of Lung Cancer (LifeWithLungCancer)



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