Please click on any of the following links below to learn more about the different types and stages of lung cancer and more:


Types of Lung Cancer

  1. Living with Lung Cancer: Types of Lung Cancer (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  2. Lung Cancer: Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment (OSU, Wexner Medical Center)

  3. Types of Lung Cancer (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer)

  4. Types of Lung Cancer (Global Lung Cancer Coalition)

  5. Lung Cancer Types (Khan Academy & American Association of Colleges of Nursing Collaboration) (video)

  6. Your Profile, Your Goals - Types of Lung Cancer (American Lung Association) (video)


Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer:

  1. Genetics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Medscape)

  2. Lung Cancer (Non-Small Cell) (American Cancer Society)

  3. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Cancer Community Support)

  4. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (ESMO/ACF Patient Guide Series)

  5. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

  6. Stages and Characteristics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (

  7. Understanding Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Guide for the Patient (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly Lung Cancer Alliance)


  •  Adenocarcinoma
  1. Lung Cancer: Adenocarcinoma (Wellness Proposals)

  2. Lung Adenocarcinoma (LUNGevity)

  3. What you need to know about...lung adenocarcinoma (LUNGevity)


  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  1. Living with squamous cell lung cancer: A guide for patients (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, IASLC)

  2. Lung Cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Wellness Proposals)

  3. Squamous Cell Lung Cancer (LUNGevity)

  4. Understanding Squamous Cell Lung Cancer: A guide for patients and caregivers (Free to Breathe)


  • Large Cell Carcinoma

  1. Lung Cancer (Larce Cell Carcinoma of the Lung) (myVMC)

  2. Large Cell Cancer of the Lung (Harvard Health Publications)

  3. Large Cell Lung Cancer (LUNGevity)

non small cell types

 nonsmall cell types


Small Cell Lung Cancer:

  1. Understanding Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Guide for the Patient (GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, formerly Lung Cancer Alliance)

  2. Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Giving Smarter Guide (Milken Institute)

  3. Lung Cancer: Small Cell (American Cancer Society)
  4. Lung Cancer: Small Cell Carcinoma (Wellness Proposals)


Lung Carcinoid Tumor:

  1. Lung Carcinoid Tumor (American Cancer Society)

  2. Lung Carcinoid (Carcinoid Cancer Foundation) (video)

  3. The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc.


Interactive Worksheets

  1. "Your Lungs" (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  2. Personal Lung Cancer Profile: Lung Cancer Type, Location & Staging (Free to Breathe)





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