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CSI 201 - Skills Lab # 3:SPM200 CSL 1 Small

Heart Sounds

OBJECTIVES/COMPETENCIES: At the end of this lab, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and review proper technique for cardiac exam
  • Identify the appropriate bony landmarks and auscultatory area (aortic, pulmonic, tricuspid, and mitral). 
  • Identify first and second heart sounds (S1 and S2), distinguish systolic from diastolic in the cardiac cycle.
  • Identify S3 and S4 heart sounds.
  • Identify systolic and diastolic murmurs.

Read Bates (12th Ed) textbook, Chapter 9 (E-Book Link: pages 343-418) prior to the session.  Also, review the PowerPoint presentation on Skills Lab 3, which may be printed out as handout.  Take on-line pre-test prior to the "Zoom" scheduled review: pretest, discussion, and question/answer. After the Zoom session, student groups will attend a scheduled lab session for a procedure demonstration. Students will report to the Skills Lab to demonstrate the procedure/skill on either an anatomical model or patient simulator.






DRESS:  Comfortable Clothes.


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Updated: 7/21/21