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LSUHSC Mentors is a volunteer program comprised of LSUHSC faculty, staff, and residents who have taken an interest in making themselves available to students for professional and personal mentoring.  LSUHSC Mentors aims to enrich and individualize students' experiences at LSU School of Medicine.  For more information or questions regarding this program, please contact us at

  • This program is open to any medical school student who would like to discuss personal or professional concerns with a LSUHSC faculty member.
  • There are no limits as to when, why, or how frequently students may use this program - it varies individually and arrangements are between the student and mentor. 
  • Mentor profile pages are organized by department and now searchable using pull-down menus.  Students choose a mentor by searching the Finding A Mentor section of this website and contacting them via phone, email, or office visit.
  • A newly implemented Resident Mentor database is under construction and available in the Finding A Mentor section to seek out resident mentors.
  • Search the Clinical Advising Resources section for a listing of SGA/CiM 2009-2010 Clinical Advisors organized by department and gain access to the AAMC Careers in Medicine program website.
  • The Campus Resources section is available as an organized listing of valuable information of campus and community programs, web addresses, and phone numbers.