Campus and Community Resources 

This page contains a collection of LSUHSC phone numbers, emails, contact information, and links of various programs and organizations that may be helpful.  We are trying to continually update this page with the most current information possible.  If you find outdated contact information, changed numbers, or dead links, please email us at and we will update it shortly. 

If you feel you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please contact:
Campus/Employee Assistance Program at (504) 568-8888 or (888) 616-6642
LSUHSC New Orleans Campus Police at (504) 568-8999


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Campus Resources  Community Resources
  • YWCA Battered Women's Line
  • YWCA Rape Crisis Line


Campus Resources                              

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Chancellor

      Larry Hollier, M.D., FACS,FACC, FRCS (504) 568-4800
Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

      Joe Moerschbaecher, Ph.D. (504) 568-4804

Dean of the School of Medicine

      Steve Nelson, M.D. (504) 568-4007


APRIL (Academic Performance Resources in LSUHSC-NO)

APRIL provides an umbrella or academic support services for all LSU Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) students in New Orleans through LSUHSC Student Health.  APRIL support services include:

Student Health

LSUHSC Health Promotion Program

Free Off-Campus Professional Counseling

Campus and Employee Assistance Program (C/EAP)

Free On-Campus Counseling by the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling

Department of Communication Disorders


Click here to view the APRIL brochure.


American Disability Act (ADA)
Students who have an ADA concern should contact their Dean of Student Affairs or the ADA coordinator:
Michael Levitzky, Ph.D. (504) 568-6184


Campus/Employee Assistance Program (C/EAP)
A crisis line with a C/EAP counselor available 24 hours a day. C/EAP additionally offers free brief counseling to students and their family members, as well as social service information and referral.
For crisis line or to speak with one of our counselors call:
(504) 568-8888 or (888) 616-6642

Campus Police
The campus police are here to help you. Please be reminded, that no question is a dumb question, especially when it comes to safety and security. The Chief is available to consult with you about any potential problem. Additionally, they have police officers that have been trained specifically to deal with individuals who have been victims of crime and rape.
Emergencies: (504) 568-8999
Consultation with Chief William Joseph: (504) 568-8270


Community and Minority Health Education (CMHE)
The Office of Minority Affairs retention goal is attained by providing both academic and personal support services that facilitate successful progress and graduation from medical school.

Edward G. Helm, M.D., MHA, Associate Dean (504) 568-8501


Council on Professional Conduct

Contact Student Affairs (504) 568-4874

Department of Communication Disorders
Speech-Language Pathology: assessments include spoken language, speech, written language, reading skills, oral structure and functioning, augmentative and alternative modes of communication.  Audiology: assessments include hearing skills and listening skills; treatments include aural rehabilitation, auditory prostheses, ear molds/swim molds and musician earplugs.

Barbara Wendt-Harris, Ph.D. (504) 568-4348

Drug Testing Program
The Drug Testing Program offers confidential urine and breath alcohol testing to the LSUHSC community. (504) 568-4933


Fitness and Wellness Center

Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Stanislaus Hall, the facility boasts cardiovascular and strenght-training equipment, free weights, group excercise classes, cycling classes, excercise prescriptions, and weight management programs.  Locker rooms with showers, a lounge, and a snack bar area are also available. (504) 568-3700 

Health Promotion Program
The Health Promotion Program is offered to all students enrolled in the Health Sciences Center. This program is designed to assist students in taking responsibility for their own physical and psychological health and well-being.

Kim Edward LeBlanc, M.D., PhD., FAAFP, FACSM (504) 568-4570

Off Campus Professional Counseling
Provides confidential brief and long term individual counseling along with initial assessment and referrals as needed. Crisis intervention is also provided.
Bonnie Adelsberg, M.N., C.N.S. (504) 455-7296

PALs - Peer Advocate Liaisons

The primary goal of the Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL) is to empower students to help their classmates and peers in times of crisis. Ongoing problems or crises happen from time to time, making it difficult for someone to get connected with available resources.  Many times students just don’t know where to turn. Students know their classmates better then anyone else at LSU Health Sciences Center. Students who are having academic problems or problems with depression, alcohol, drugs, or relationships can come to PALs first in the search for help. PALs act as temporary liaisons between students and the campus resources that can assist them. PALs are not trained for counseling or crisis intervention.  For more information and a list of current PALs, click here.

Rehabilitation Counseling Clinic
Confidential individual counseling services are provided free of charge by advanced graduate students under faculty supervision.
Henry McCarthy, Ph.D. (504) 568-4318

Student Affairs, School of Medicine

The Office of Student Affairs works closely with medical students providing them with support services, programs and assistance needed for them to develop optimally as medical students into caring and compassionate physicians.
Joseph Delcarpio, Ph.D, Associate Dean (504) 568-4970

Fred Lopez, M.D., Assistant Dean (504) 568-4874

Student Health Clinic 

The Student Health Clinic provides preventive health care including health immunizations, health care for episodic illnesses, and chronic health issues.
Appointments available at:

2820 Napolean Ave., Suite 890 (504) 412-1366

200 W. Esplanade, Kenner (504) 412-1705
After 4:30 pm and on weekends and holidays, contact Dr. Angela McLean (504) 412-1366.  For immediate treatment you may go to the emergency room. 


Community Resources


COPE Line (Suicide Prevention Hotline)

(504) 269-2673 or dial 211


Metropolitan Battered Women's Program

Jefferson Parish (504) 837-5400


Physician Health Program (PHP)
The Physician Health Program (PHP) is a confidential, voluntary alternative to formal disciplinary action for physicians whose practice may be impaired due to the habitual or regular use of drugs or alcohol.  Physicians may also be ordered into the PHP for monitoring when there is disciplinary action.
Michael DeCaire, MBA (225) 291-5000

Substance Abuse Line

(800) 559-9503


YWCA Battered Women's Line

(504) 482-9922


YWCA Rape Crisis Line

(504) 482-9922