Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the LSUHSC Mentors program was a thriving entity composed of faculty volunteers willing to assist and guide students on a variety of issues, be they academic or personal.  This crucial service lay dormant post-storm until 2008, when then-SGA President Scott Nelson formed the Protégés -- a group comprised of elected students from each class tasked with revitalizing the LSUHSC Mentors.

Since our inception, the Protégés organization has successfully recruited many clinical and basic science faculty to serve as Mentors.  In addition, we have repopulated the Clinical Advisors database and increased participation of graduating LSU-NO students as Resident Mentors.

The Protégés are available for contact with questions related to everyday medical school issues.  From test advice to scheduling help and everything in between, we're at your service.  And if we can't answer your query, we'll put you in touch with someone who can.  We also welcome any comments on how the Protégés and Mentors can better serve our great school.  Give us a holler!



Alexis L. Morvant, L4 & Ally Darga, L2

Vice President

Scott O. Sullivan, L2 --


Katie E. Veron, L3 --


Robert Nuss, L1 -- 

Project Coordinator

Karolina V. Ellard, L2 --
Technology Chair

Jazmin Bains, L2 --

L4 Representatives

Abby E. Gandolfi & David M. Theriot --
L3 Representative

Noor B. Ali --

L2 Representative

Jacob L. Rouquette --



Kali A. Broussard --

Eleanore L. Knox --

Chad M. Manuel --

Robert Nuss --

Cristina M. Terhoeve --



Allyson J. Darga --

Matthew S. Berlinger --

Hope F. Elofson --

Jeffrey Wang --

Jacob L. Rouquette --

Priscilla A. Lao --

Karolina V. Ellard --

Kacie E. Stewart --

Lauren M. Hernandez --

Scott O. Sullivan --

Victoria J. Aucoin --

Keshav Kukreja,

Jazmin Bains,

Cathy Q. Zhang,



Chandni Dargan --

Noor B. Ali --

Lauren L. Albert --

Brittany L. Bond --

Connor M. Champion --

Michael J. Collin --

Anna C. Dicarlo --

Mary A. Difranco -- mposso@lsuhsc.du

Katelyn A. Fusilier --

Kristen E. Gurtner --

Jayson J. Lavie --

Marisa M. Pappas --

Vilija J. Vaitaitis --

Katie E. Veron --

Katherine S. Vignes --

Monica L. Lobo --

Laura C. Rachal --



Abby Gandolfi --

Aimee R. Coscarart --

Jaren J. Kennedy --  jkenn2@lsuhsc.eduu

Ryan B. Gravolet --

Anne C. Kane --

Claude J. Pirtle --

Kristin D. Talbot --

David M. Theriot --

Alexis L. Morvant --