Michael Hagensee, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Departments of Medicine and Microbiology

Section of Infectious Diseases
1542 Tulane Avenue
Box T4M-1
New Orleans, LA 70112 
504.210.3325 Phone
504.210.2231  FAX


PhD - 1986
Baylor College of Medicine

MD - 1988
Baylor College of Medicine


A native of Chicago, Dr. Hagensee earned his MD and PhD from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He completed an internal medicine residency and a fellowship in infectious diseases at University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals in Seattle, Washington. From 1994 to 1996, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center and an instructor in the division of Infectious diseases at the University of Washington Affiliated Hospital. He joined the faculty of LSU School of Medicine in 1996 as an assistant professor in the section of infectious diseases.

Dr. Hagansee’s laboratory is studying the interaction of EBV and HPV in the development of cervical dysplasia in HIV, looking for ways to improve existing HPV serological assays, and examining the role of EBV in HPV-related cervical dysplasia in HIV-negative women.

He is board certified in both internal medicine and infectious diseases.

Research Interests

The Hagensee laboratory studies the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in human malignancies.  Studies are focused on the increase in HPV-related cervical cancer in HIV+ women and the increase in oral cancer in HIV+ men and women. 

A new area of focus is the role of HPV in anal cancer from basic biology to clinical trials and similar increases in anal cancer rates in HIV+ individuals.  This increase may be due, in part, to an interaction with another DNA virus, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which also causes human cancers.  Current projects include detection of HPV and EBV in clinical specimens, determination of the systemic and local immune response against each virus, in-vitro modeling techniques and development of xenograft mouse models.  Results from these studies will aid in improved diagnostics and preventive measures for these cancers.  Additional projects include development of self-testing methods to detect HPV DNA to improve cervical cancer screening and studies into improvement of HPV vaccine implementation.  




Committees & Administrative Responsibilities

Research Endowment Fund Review Committee
Thesis Review Committee
Annimal Care Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee

Selected Publications


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