Joy Sturtevant, PhD


Co-Director Basic Science Curriculum, Office of Medical Education

2020 Gravier St
Lions Eye Center, Room 660
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
New Orleans, LA 70112



BS Zoology - 1977
Colorado State University, Ft.Collins, CO

PhD Immunology - 1985
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

Research Interests

My work now focuses on academia and curriculum development in the education of both graduate and medical students. However, I am would love to collaborate or consult. Pathogens have evolved to thwart our immune response and/or 'peacefully' reside within our body. How do they do  this? Our  laboratory  focused on the initial interactions between pathogen and host, and the intracellular signaling events that dictate a response in either host or pathogen. Most of our research dealt with the most common opportunistic fungal pathogen,  Candida albicans. Molecular genetic, proteomic, cell culture and cell biology techniques were used to answer these questions. Our rationale was if we can advance our knowledge of how pathogens adapt and survive in the host; this will assist in the identification of new antimicrobial strategies.

Teaching Activities

Introduction to Microbial Pathogenesis  (co-course director)

Molecular Biology of Pathogenic Eukaryotes (co-course director)

Medical Immunology (co-course director)

Disease and Therapy of the Pulmonary System (co-course director)

Fundamentals of Immunology 

Foundations Disease and Therapy - (medical mycology)

Clinical Skills Integration


Committees & Administrative Responsibilities

MIP Graduate Program, Co-coordinator

MIP Graduate Student Qualifying Committee, Chairman

MIP Emergency Preparedness Committee Member

LSUHSC-SOG IDP Curriculum Development Committee

LSUSHC-SOG MD/PhD Admissions Committee

LSUHSC-SOG Committee on SAC Accreditation

LSUHSC-SOM PreClerkship Course Directors, Chairman

LSUHSC-SOM Course Evaluation Committee, Chairman

LSUHSC-SOM Curriculum Renewal Committee, Chairman

LSUHSC-SOM Curriculum Steering Committee

LSUHSC-SOM Academic Standards

LSUHSC-SOM Student Promotions Committee


Selected Publications

For a list of publications, click here.