David G. Kline, MD

Boyd Professor of Neurosurgery 
Professor and Department Chairman Emeritus 

Phone: (504) 568-6123
Fax:     (504) 568-6127



Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

Surgical Internship: University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Walter Reed General Hospital and Institute of Research

University of Michigan

Board Certified: American Board of Neurological Surgery, 1969 

Research Interests

Peripheral nerve injuries and repair
Neurophysiology of nerve regeneration
Tumors of nerves

Selected Publications

Kim D, Cho J, Tiel R, Kline D, Surgical Outcomes of 111 Spinal Accessory nerve injuries., NEUROSURG. 53(5) 1106-1113, 2003.

Kim D, Cho Y, Tiel R, Kline D, Outcomes in Surgery in 1019 brachial plexus lesions treated at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center., J. NEUROSURGERY 98:1005-1016, 2003.

Kim D, Han K, Tiel R, Murovic J, Kline D, Surgical Outcomes of 654 ulnar nerve lesions., J. NEUROSURGERY 98: 993-1004, 2003.

Kline D, Kim D, Axillary nerve repair in 99 patients with 101 stretch injuries., J. NEUROSURG 99:630-636, 2003.

Kim D, Cho J, Ryu S, Tiel R, Kline D, Surgical Management and results of 135 Tibial nerve lesions at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center., NEUROSUR. 53(5):1114-1125, 2003.

Additional Info

Dr. Kline earned his AB and MD at the University of Pennsylvania. He came to the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Medicine in 1967 after completing his internship and residencies at the University of Michigan and the Walter Reed General Hospital and Institute of Research. In 1971, he was named Head of the Division of Neurosurgery and in 1976 was named Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department. Not only was Dr. Kline the founding Chairman of the department, but he also remained the only Chairman for the next 35 years until he stepped down from the position in 2006. After decades of great commitment to the LSU Health Sciences Center, Dr. Kline was established at the LSU School of Medicine as a world leader in neurosurgical research, training and patient care, especially in the area of peripheral nerves, his major interest.

During his tenure in the Neurosurgery Department, Dr. Kline was named a Boyd Professor by the LSU System Board of Supervisors. It is the highest professional rank of the LSU System. Only a faculty member who has attained national or international distinction for outstanding teaching, research or other creative achievement may be designated a Boyd Professor.

Dr. Kline has clearly distinguished himself in neurosurgery. He has authored or co-authored over 290 publications, including 3 books and 2 monographs. His first book, Nerve Injuries, was first published in 1995 and is a classic reference text. He served on six editorial boards and has given many years of service to the American Board of Neurological Surgery and the Residency Review Committee for Neurosurgery. He is a founding member and past president of the Sunderland Society, an international group of peripheral nerve experts. He is also a past president of the Society of Neurological Surgeons, a very exclusive and esteemed organization for Senior Neurosurgeons in North American and other countries.


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