Resident Research

Cervical Myelopathy: Use of Neurophysiology to Evaluate Corticospinal Efficacy Pre- and Post-operatively

Investigators: Jessica Shields, MD, PhD, Andrew Conger, MD; Clifford Crutcher, MD

Diagnostic Biomarkers for Sports-related Concussion

Investigator: Anthony DiGiorgio, DO

Emergent MRI of the Spine in the Emergency Department and Effective Resource Utilization

Investigators: Lindsay Lasseigne, MD; Anthony DiGiorgio, DO

Endoscopic Assisted Evacuation of Chronic Subdural Hematomas

Investigator: Kevin Morrow, MD

Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Anticoagulants: a Comparison of Novel vs. Traditional Blood-thinners

Investigator: Silvia Gesheva, MD

Penetrating Wound Incidence Trends

Investigator: Clifford Crutcher, MD

Repeat Head CT Scan for Acute Subdural Hematoma in Mild and Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

Investigator: Clifford Crutcher, MD

Subclassification and Management of Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries by TLICS Assessment

Investigators: Clifford Crutcher, MD; Jonas Miller, MS (student)

Socioeconomics and Demographics Relating to Secondary Pediatric Infections in Southeastern Louisiana

Investigator: M. Daniel Eggart, MD

The Effect of the Use of Near-Infrared (NIR) Device on Time-to-OR in Head Injury

Investigator: Anthony DiGiorgio, DO

The Use of the Penumbra Aspiration Catheter System for Distal Embolic Protection During Distal Vertebral Artery Stenting

Investigators: Silvia Gesheva, MD

Utilization of NIR Device to Monitor Aneurysmal Re-hemorrhage or Vasospasm

Investigator: Anthony DiGiorgio, DO

Utility of Bispectral Index (BIS) Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Requiring Third Tier Intracranial Pressure Therapy

Investigators: M. Daniel Eggart, MD; Clifford Crutcher, MD