LSUHSC School of Medicine names 2018-19 Leadership Development Fellows

This spring the Office of Faculty and Institutional Affairs initiated a Leadership Development Fellowship program.  We received many outstanding applications, indicating great interest among the faculty.  The dean’s staff selected the following faculty members for the initial year of this program: Bradley Spieler, MD, Randy Roig, MD, and Jason Mussell PhD.

Dr. Spieler (Department of Radiology) will work with Drs. McClugage and Lazarus in the Offices of Admissions and Student Affairs.  He will develop a tracking system to collect and analyze student admissions data as well as performance metrics during medical school.  The analysis will be used to develop predictors for performance during medical school and subsequent residency choice.  These results will help inform decision making during the admissions process and during meetings of the student promotions committees.

Dr. Roig (Department of Medicine, Section of Physical Medicine) will work with Dr. Hilton in the Office of Academic Affairs.  He will gather data on funding for GME positions at all teaching hospitals in the regions.  He will explore opportunities for funding and partnership.  He will examine factors such as geographic distribution of existing faculty and residents and needs.  In particular, partnerships will be explored at those hospitals with underdeveloped GME programs. 

Dr. Mussell (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy) will work with Dr. DiCarlo in the Office of Faculty and Institutional Affairs.  He will collect and analyze promotion and tenure guidelines from peer institutions and various other medical schools.  He will work with leadership to explore the possibility of developing a promotion track that education.  He will work with various faculty groups to begin defining criteria in the areas of teaching, curriculum development, educational leadership and educational scholarship.  There will be ongoing discussion about this with many faculty groups.

Congratulations to Drs. Spieler, Roig, and Mussell.