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Alcian blue- Pas Mucicarmine Congo red Crystal violet

Alcian blue -PAS

 CONTROL TISSUE: Colonic mucosa
TYPE OF STAINING:Sialomucin that have acid and neutral mucopolysaccharides stain purple. Normal gastric mucosa will stain only with PAS(red), but intestinal metaplasia will stain purple.
APPLICATION: Study distribution of mucins, detection of intestinal metaplasia in chronic gastritis.
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CONTROL TISSUE: Colonic mucosa
TYPE OF STAINING: Sialomucin stain magenta.
APPLICATION: Adenocarcinomas and also Cyptococcus capsule.

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Alkaline Congo red stain

CONTROL TISSUE: Brain with deposits of amyloid in blood vessels.
MAIN DISTRIBUTION: Blood vessel wall
TYPE OF STAINING: red staining, with green birefringence with polarization.
APPLICATION: Amyloidosis
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Crystal violet for amyloid

CONTROL TISSUE: Skin with amyloid, lichen amyloidosus.
TYPE OF STAINING: pink staining in a blue background.
APPLICATION: Amyloidosis
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