Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program

Research Opportunities

By the completion of their third year, the Pediatric Cardiology fellow will have met the ACGME research requirements for fellowship.  The fellow is encouraged to raise clinical questions and hypotheses to serve as basis for case reports, clinical case reviews, and retrospective analysis.

By the first half of the second year, the members of the Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) are chosen, and the fellow presents the research project to the SOC and the Cardiology team for appropriate feedback. Once the fellow decides on a specific project, she/he is reintroduced to the specific techniques and methodologies for that particular project by the research mentor and also through the research lectures held at the Research Institute for Children located at Children‘s Hospital (RIC).

The SOC then meets every 6 months to review the progress of the fellow and assure that the fellow stays on track and task. It is expected that the fellow presents a clinical case or the results of the QI project in a local and/or regional meeting. During the third year the fellow continues the research with at least two meetings scheduled with the SOC: the first one to fine tune the progress and start the writing process of the paper; the second one to summarize the data, advise on proper journal to submit the results and data. It is expected that the fellow presents the data and results from the project in a regional and/or our national meeting. 

Along with research, fellows attend the Pediatric Subspecialty Core Curriculum Lecture Series which offers provides and teaches them the necessary tools to succeed in clinical and scientific research. These lectures expose fellows to experimental design and methodology, laboratory techniques, biostatistics, and data collection and analysis.



There are many opportunities for fellows to present their scholarly work at local, regional and national meetings:

1. Southern Society of Pediatric Research

2. LSU Department of Pediatrics Research Day

3. LSUHSC Forum for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

4. Louisiana State Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics