Weekends and Holidays:

Typically, fellows work one weekend/month on the PHM service and one major + one minor holiday/year.

Sample Fellow Schedule


Schedules include one month rotations and are tailored to the fellow's individual learning needs and career goals. There are some required rotations included, in line with the ACGME curriculum requirements. There is plenty of time allowed for electives in both clinical and non-clinical areas. 


Sample Schedule: 

Block Year 1 Year 2
1 Hospital Medicine NICU/Newborn
2 Intro to Systems and Scholarship Elective
3 Elective Research
4 Research Hospital Medicine
5 Hospital Medicine ER/Sedation
6 Research Elective
7 PICU/Palliative Care Elective
9 Hospital Medicine Community Hospital Experience
9 Elective Elective
10 Hospital Medicine Research
11 Research Elective
12 Research Research 
13 Vacation (4 weeks throughout year) Vacation 


  • Hospital Medicine rotations include care of complex chronic diseases, coordination of subspecialty care, and comanagement with surgical subspecialitie. The rotation is a mix of days on service, call days seeing new admissions, and overnight call at home. 
  • Intro to Systems and Scholarship rotations are introductory experiences with leadership, administration, medical education and teaching, quality improvement/patient safety, and research
  • Electives are personalized according to the fellow's individual educational and career goals.
    • Available electives include, but are not limited to:
      • Improvement Science and Patient Safety
      • Medical Education
      • Leadership
      • Business Administration
      • Advocacy
      • Research
      • Clinical Informatics,
      • Subspecialty clinical rotation in any available pediatric subspecialty at LSU/Children's Hospital, which also includes child abuse pediatrics and acute/chronic pain medicine.