Research Opportunities


2018 12:31:31 PMThere are many benefits of residents being involved in research projects
during their training such as improvement in patient care, positive influence
in pursuing a career in academics, and an enhancement of their application
for fellowships.  In addition, for those residents entering subspecialty training
gaining knowledge and experience in participating in a research project will
better prepare them for the mandatory research component of
all fellowships. For these reasons, our residents are encouraged to engage in
research activities during their training.  Research projects mandate a
significant time commitment therefore we have created a Research rotation
to allow dedicated time to initiate or complete an ongoing project.  The
overall goal of this rotation is to introduce the resident to scientific research
by actively participating in an ongoing research project or initiating an original
project with the mentoring of a faculty member.  Residents work with a
faculty mentor and develop specific objectives for the rotation. 



There are many opportunities for residents to present their scholarly work at local, regional and national meetings.  The most popular meetings that our residents have participated include:

1. Southern Society of Pediatric Research

2. LSU Department of Pediatrics Research Day

3. LSUHSC Forum for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

4. Louisiana State Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics


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