Salaries and Benefits









*PL-4 = Chief Resident



  • 3 weeks for PL-1

  • 4 weeks for PL-2, PL-3 and PL-4

  • In addition to the vacations listed above, residents also receive six days off around either Christmas or New Year’s.



  • Annual Educational Stipend

    • $250 is provided for Pediatric residents in their first and second years

    • A stipend of $500 is provided to residents in their final year of training

  • Board Preparation Materials

    • MedStudy Pediatric Book Series

    • AAP PREP Questions

    • Up to Date access

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Membership

    • Includes major publications, such as The Red Book, and subscriptions to Pediatrics in Review, PREP and Pediatrics

  • LSU has an extensive library with electronic retrieval




  • Meal cards: Residents receive 1-2 meal cards per month for use in the cafeteria ($50-100), depending on their rotation.  In addition, all residents receive meal discounts in the hospital cafeteria. 

  • Parking privileges for the parking facilities at Children’s Hospital and Touro Infirmary are issued to all residents at no cost.  Security monitors all parking garages and parking lots on a regular basis.

  • White coats are provided





  • Health insurance, flexible spending accounts and supplemental benefits are available through LSUHSC.  Health plan options are available through the Office of Group Benefits (which includes several Blue Cross plans and Vantage Home HMO) and LSU First (the LSU System Health Plan).  Eligibility for benefits will go into effect after one full calendar month of employment, provided proper paperwork is submitted on time.



  • Professional liability insurance is provided by the State of Louisiana and covers all activities approved by the departmental chairman.



  • LSU Health Sciences Center provides disability insurance to all residents.



  • All residents are eligible to participate in the Deferred Compensation program in lieu of Social Security.  If this option is chosen, 6.5% of the resident’s gross monthly salary is deducted pre-tax for contribution to deferred compensation.  The balance may be withdrawn, without penalty, or transferred to another retirement account when the resident leaves state service.


Maternity Leave

  • Provisions will be made for maternity leave in accordance with the American Board of Pediatrics, which requires 33 months of training eligibility for Pediatric Board certification.  LSUHSC does not grant paid paternity leave beyond the normal vacation allotment, but unpaid leave may be taken.


Housestaff Association

  • All residents are invited to join the LSU New Orleans Housestaff Association whose mission is to be an advocate for all Housestaff.  The Housestaff association protects the rights of the Housestaff and ensures that they are represented in institutional and administrative decisions.