Guangyu Wu, PhD

Research Interests

The laboratory is interested in defining the molecular mechanisms underlying intracellular trafficking and signaling of G protein-coupled receptor systems and potential contribution of aberrant protein trafficking to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. Current research utilizes genetically manipulated transgenic mouse models and culture cells to study the role of vesicular protein transport regulators in the traffic of G protein-coupled receptors between intracellular organelles, particularly from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cell surface.

Selected Publications

Wu G, Zhao G, He Y. Distinct pathways for the trafficking of angiotensin II and adrenergic receptors from the endoplasmic reticulum to the cell surface: Rab1 independent transport of a G protein-coupled receptor. J Biol Chem (in press).
Yussman MG, Toyokawa T, Odley A, Lynch RA, Wu G, Colbert MC, Aronow BJ, Lorenz JN, Dorn GW II. Mitochondrial death protein Nix is induced in cardiac hypertrophy and triggers apoptotic cardiomyopathy. Nat Med 8:725-30 (2002).

Wu G, Bernard ML and Lanier SM. Protein interaction assays with G-proteins. Methods Enzymol 344:521-35 (2002).

Wu G, Yussman MG, Barrett TJ, Hahn HS, Osinska H, Hilliard GM, Wang X, Toyokawa T, Yatani A, Lynch RA, Robbins J, Dorn GW II. Increased myocardial Rab GTPase expression: A consequence and cause of cardiomyopathy. Circ Res 89:1130-1137 (2001).

Chen L, Hahn H, Wu G, Chen CH, Liron T, Schechtman D, Cavalo G, Banci L, Bolli R, Dorn GW II and Mochly-Rosen D. Opposing cardioprotective actions and parallel hypertrophic effects of dPKC and ePKC. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 98:11114-11119 (2001).

Sato Y, Kiriazis H, Yatani A, Schmidt AG, Hahn H, Ferguson DG, Sako H, Mitarai S, Honda R, Mesnard-Roullier L, Frank KF, Beyermann B, Wu G, Fujimori K, Dorn GW II, and Kranias EG. Rescue of contractile parameters and myocyte hypertrophy in calsequestin-overexpressing myocardium by phospholamban ablation. J Biol Chem 296:9392-9399 (2001).

Wu G, Toyokawa T, Hahn H and Dorn GW II. e Protein Kinase C in Pathological Myocardial Hypertrophy: Analysis by combined transgenic expression of translocation modifiers and Gaq. J Biol Chem 275:29927-29930 (2000).

Mochly-Rosen D*, Wu G*, Hahn H, Osinska H, Liron T, Lorenz JN, Robbins J and Dorn GW II. Cardiotrophic effects of e protein kinase C: analysis by in vivo modulation of ePKC translocation. Circ Res 86:1173-1179 (2000). (*those who equally contributed to this work).

Dorn GW II, Tepe NM, Wu G, Yatani A and Liggett SB. Mechanisms of impaired b-adrenergic receptor signaling in Gaq-mediated cardiac hypertrophy and ventricular dysfunction. Mol Pharmacol 57:278-287 (2000).

Wu G, Bogatkevich, GS, Mukhin YV, Benovic JL, Hildebrandt JD and Lanier SM. Identification of Gbg-binding sites in the third intracellular loop of the muscarinic receptors and their role in receptor regulation. J Biol Chem 275:9026-9034 (2000).

Dorn GW II, Souroujon MC, Liron T, Chen CH, Gray MO, Zhou HZ, Csukai M, Wu G, Lorenz JN and Mochly-Rosen D. Sustained in vivo cardiac protection by a rationally designed peptide that causes e protein kinase C translocation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 96:12798-12803 (1999).

Wu G, Benovic JL, Hildebrandt JD and Lanier SM. Receptor docking sites for G-protein bg subunits: Implications for signal regulation. J Biol Chem 273:7197-7200 (1998).

Wu G, Krupnick JG, Benovic JL and Lanier SM. Interaction of arrestins with intracellular domains of muscarinic and a2-adrenergic receptor. J Biol Chem 272:17836-17842 (1997).

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