Andrew D. Catling, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

LSU Health Sciences Center
1901 Perdido Street P7-1
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-4740
Fax: (504) 568-2361


PhD - 1992
University of Glasgow

Research Interests

Signal transduction by MAP kinases

Selected Publications

Eblen, S.T., Slack, J.K., Weber, M.J., and Catling, A.D. (2002). Rac-PAK signaling stimulates extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) activation by regulating formation of MEK1-ERK complexes. Mol Cell Biol 22, 6023-6033. 

Slack-Davis, J.K., Eblen, S.T., Zecevic, M., Boerner, S.A., Tarcsafalvi, A., Diaz, H.B., Marshall, M.S., Weber, M.J., Parsons, J.T., and Catling, A.D. (2003). PAK1 phosphorylation of MEK1 regulates fibronectin-stimulated MAPK activation. J Cell Biol 162, 281-291.

Eblen, S.T., Slack-Davis, J.K., Tarcsafalvi, A., Parsons, J.T., Weber, M.J., and Catling, A.D. (2004). Mitogen-activated protein kinase feedback phosphorylation regulates MEK1 complex formation and activation during cellular adhesion. Mol Cell Biol 24, 2308-2317. 

Pullikuth, A., McKinnon, E., Schaeffer, H.J., and Catling, A.D. (2005). The MEK1 scaffolding protein MP1 regulates cell spreading by integrating PAK1 and Rho signals. Mol Cell Biol 25, 5119-5133.

Park, E.R., Eblen, S.T., and Catling, A.D. (2007). MEK1 activation by PAK: a novel mechanism. Cell Signal 19, 1488-1496.

Pullikuth, A.K., and Catling, A.D. (2007). Scaffold mediated regulation of MAPK signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics: a perspective. Cell Signal 19, 1621-1632.

Hans, C.P., Zerfaoui, M., Naura, A.S.,Catling, A.D., and Boulares, A.H. (2008). Differential effects of PARP inhibition on vascular cell survival and ACAT-1 expression favouring atherosclerotic plaque stability. Cardiovasc Res 78, 429-439. 

Park, E.R., Pullikuth, A.K., Bailey, E.M., Mercante, D.E., and Catling, A.D. (2009). Differential requirement for MEK Partner 1 in DU145 prostate cancer cell migration. Cell Commun Signal 7, 26.

Leonard, S.T., Hearn, J.K., Catling, A.D., and Winsauer, P.J. (2010). Gonadal hormones modulate the potency of the disruptive effects of donepezil in male rats responding under a nonspatial operant learning and performance task. Behav Pharmacol 21, 121-134.

Pullikuth, A.K., and Catling, A.D. (2010). ERK promotes Rho dependent focal adhesion formation by suppressing p190A RhoGAP. Mol Cell Biol 30.