Press and Multimedia about Dr. Nichols


National Geographic : Interviewed and filmed by National Geographic Explorer, May 2009. Segment aired in episode “Inside LSD” Fall 2009 on the National Geographic Chanel.

Times-Picayune : Research project featured in an article on the front page of the Metro section of the New Orleans newspaper: Times-Picayune, July 27, 2009. 

Scientific American : Interviewed for Scientific American magazine, appeared in print Aug 19, 2010 in “Psychedelic drugs show promise as antidepressants.” 

The Daily Reveille: Research featured on the front page of the LSU Newspaper, The Daily Reveille, Sept 28, 2010.

WWLT New Orleans : Research specially featured on a dedicated segment of WDSU News interview with Meg Farris, Feb 2015.

The Advocate : Research featured in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate (2016). 

IFLS : Research featured on several international science blogs, including, Feb 2015 (The IFLS story was shared on Facebook 40,000 times). 

Newsweek : Interviewed for an article in Newsweek (2017). 

SmartDrugSmarts : Podcast “Psychedelics vs. Inflammation with Dr. Charles Nichols” (2017) 

The Scientist: Research featured in the cover article of September, 2017.