Imran N Mungrue, PhD

Assistant Professor

1901 Perdido Street, MEB #5259
New Orleans, LA 70112
504-568-2235 (Lab)
504-568-2236 (Office)
504-568-2361 (Fax)



PhD- Toronto

Hons. BSc- McMaster University


Dept of Cardiology (Aldons Jake Lusis)- UCLA

Dept of Physiology (David S Bredt)- UCSF


Research Interests:

The major goal of my lab is to identify mechanisms to explain how biological systems function, define how dysfunction leads to the genesis of human disease, and develop novel approaches for diagnosis and treatment.  The lab attempts to achieve these goals taking advantage of multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches, using cutting edge cores and equipment available at LSU-HSC, along with hard work.

The spectrum of Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease represents the largest human health burden worldwide.  The lab aims to define Genetic and environmental factors that affect the development of Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease including hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, atheroslcerosis, and clinical outcomes of myocardial infarction, heart failure and stroke.