Research Activities

The research and research training mission in the Department of Pharmacology continues to expand. This continued growth is indicated by the continued addition of new faculty, the renovation on the 5th floor of the Medical Education Building, the expansion of our training program and the awarding of new research grants as indicated:

New grants

  • New American Diabetes Association Award to Dr. Eric Lazartigues - "Epigenetic modulation of the autonomic nervous system and its consequences for cardio-metabolic diseases" ($345,000 total award; 1/1/2019-12/31/2021)
  • New Merit Award from Veterans Affairs to Dr. Eric Lazartigues -"New strategies to restore ACE2 compensatory activity in neurogenic hypertension" ($948,059 total award; 7/1/2018 - 6/30/2022)
  • New NIH program grant - (Principal Investigator – Daniel Kapusta, PhD)
    Center of Biomedical Research Excellence - "Mentoring in Cardiovascular Biology" ($10,058,325 total award; 7/01/2008 - 6/30/2013).
  • New R01 grant from NIH to Dr. Eric Lazartigues -
    "Brain-Targeted ACE2 over-expression on angiotnesin" ($1,775,000 total award; 8/1/2008 - 7/31/2013)
  • New Research Grant from American Heart Association to Daniel Kapusta, PhD
    "CNS G alpha-subunit protein control of plasma AVP and urine output – Modulation by high NaCl" ($165,000 total award; 7/01/08-6/01/10)
  • New Equipment Grant for the purchase of a laser driven “Zero Drift Correction unit for an existing microscope to Dr. Andrew Catling, ($29,685 total award; 6/1/08-05/31/09)
  • New Post doctoral Fellowship from American Heart Association to Yumei Feng  (Mentor – Dr. Eric Lazartigues) - “Consequences of Global ACE2 Deletion and Chronic Expression on the Central Regulation of Blood Pressure". ($93,224 total award; 7/01/08-6/01/10)
  • New Post doctoral Fellowship from American Heart Association to Chetan Hans (Mentor - Dr. Hamid Boulares) - "The regulation of TIMP-2 expression by PARP-1 and its implications in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis". (total award; 7/01/08-6/01/10)
  • Superior Graduate Student Stipend Award from Board of Regents to Dr. Emel Songu Mize  ($96,000 total award; 8/01/09-8/01/13) )


  • Hamid Boulares, Ph.D.  – Associate Professor
  • Catalin Filipeanu M.D., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor – Research
  • Ashok Pullikuth, Ph.D. – Instructor
  • Richard Wainford, Ph.D. – Instructor


2008 Post Doctoral Graduates:

Anna Dunne Reilly, Ph.D.  

Kevin Lord, Ph.D.

Warren Jay Huber, Ph.D.

Matthew Duvernay, Ph.D.
Sylvia Shenouda, Ph.D.


New Pharmacology Students

            Swapnil Ker

            Chi-Hsin Lui

Sarah Mahne

Danielle Major

Michael Ripple