Dennis J. Paul, PhD


Chronic, intractable pain affects the lives of millions every day. Not all types of pain can be treated by current therapies. We investigate novel pharmacological methods of relieving pain. In one set of studies, we investigate the 2-way and 3-way interactions of opioid, 5-HT and noradrenergic agonists in the production of analgesia for different types of pain. In a second line of experiments, we are developing a series of novel acetaminophen (tylenol)-like drugs that are nontoxic and do not affect fever (nonantipyretic) even at very high doses. In addition to developing these drugs for market, we are using them to investigate mechanisms of acetaminophen-induced analgesia and antipyresis. In a third series of experiments, we are investigating the role of dorsal root ganglia sodium channels in the development and maintenance of hypersensitivity due to inflammation.

Recent Publications

Gould, H.J., III, Casey, G.P. and Paul, D. (2012) Painful diabetic neuropathy:  Current perspective on development and management from bench to bedside – a review. In:  Analgesics: New Research (N. Gotsirize-Columbus, ed), Nova, Hauppauge, NY, pp. 39-74.

Paul D, Soignier RD, Minor LD, Tau H, Songu-Mize E and Gould HJ, III.  (2014) Regulation and Pharmacological Blockade of Sodium-Potassium ATPase:  A Novel Pathway to Neuropathy.  J. Neurological Sciences. J Neurological Sciences 340:139-143.  On line 3/21/14.

Gould HJ III, Soignier RD, Cho SR, Hernandez C, Diamond I, Taylor BK, Paul D. (2014) Ranolazine attenuates mechanical allodynia associated with demyelination injury. Pain Med. 15:1771-1780. On line 8/4/14.

Gould HJ III, Paul D. (2015) Hydrocodone Extended-Release: Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics and Behavioral Pharmacology of a Controversy.  Pharmacology Res. 91:99-103; Epublish, Oct. 6, 2014

Ray K, Fahrmann J, Mitchellc B, Paul D, King H, Crain C, Cook C, Golovko M, Brose S, Golovko S, Santanam N (2015) Oxidation-sensitive nociception involved in endometriosis-associated pain. Pain.


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