Student Activities

Beyond the structured training program, our students also benefit from their participation in departmental and university activities. These activities serve to enrich students' academic and intellectual environment.

The following activities are solely initiated and ran by the graduate students:

Journal Club

Graduate students meet once a month informally to discuss a paper presented by one of the students. Each student is expected to take a turn in choosing a paper and leading the group in a discussion pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. The purpose of this exercise is to help students interpret figures and date, express themselves orally, and to get to know each other in an environment outside of the classroom or the laboratory. 

Student Seminar Series

Every student presents once each academic year.  This is currently overseen by Dr. Donna Neumann, the Seminar Series Coordinator.  

Graduate Student Colloquium

The students established an annual Colloquium and invite  a nationally recognized scientist. In addition to a lecture by the invite, the students present their work (oral and posters) and interact with the guest intimately, ending the visit with a reception dinner.

The Colloquium has also featured:

In addition to the student-initiated activities, our graduate students also participate in other programs that benefit not only themselves, but their local community, too.

Participation in the Science Partnership Program

 2008 4:28:09 PM

 The School of Graduate Studies and the students participate in a Science Partnership Program with the area Elementary Schools. The purpose of this initiative is to assist in the governmental, nationwide implementation of math and science educational reform. Graduate students work in the classrooms, assist with school science fairs, incorporate science games into the curriculum, help students and teachers prepare for the science for the science portion of the LEAP exam, and assist students with their projects for the district science fairs. In addition, graduate students organize a field trip for fourth graders to visit the research centers here at LSUHSC.

 Seminar Series

The Department of Pharmacology has a seminar series each year. The program includes presentations by visiting scientists as well as faculty, post doctoral fellows and graduate students from LSUHSC. Graduate students are expected to attend all seminars and are required to present at least one seminar each year.

 Research Day Activities

All graduate students are invited to present their studies at Research Day using oral or poster style formats. Best presentations are awarded, and our students are consistently among the winners at these activities.


 Campus-Wide Seminar Series

All basic science departments have a similar series and the announcements are electronically disseminated. Also, the Centers of Excellence have separate seminar series. These Centers include the Cardiovascular, Neuroscience, Cancer, Genetic, Alcohol and Drug-Abuse. 



Students prepare Christmas gifts that were donated to a local elementary school.