Medical Physiology for cRNA Students

Course Description

The faculty and staff of the Physiology Department welcome you to Medical Physiology 100. We hope that your efforts to learn physiology will equal our efforts to teach you this important subject. Our overall aim is to help you acquire a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the function and control of normal organs that will serve as a basis for your understanding of clinical medicine. E.H. Starling, the famous physiologist of the early 20th century, said "The physiology of today is the medicine of tomorrow." The faculty of the Physiology Department will make a serious effort to demonstrate the veracity of this statement.



The primary objective of the Medical Physiology Course is to ensure that students understand how the body works. After completing this course students should be able to:

1. Define homeostasis and explain how homeostatic mechanisms normally maintain a constant interior milieu.

2. State the functions of each organ system of the body, explain the mechanisms by which each functions, and relate the functions and the anatomy and histology of each organ system.

3. Understand and demonstrate the interrelations of the organ systems to each other.

4. Predict and explain the integrated responses of the organ systems of the body to physiological and pathological stresses.

5. Explain the pathophysiology of common diseases related to the organ systems of the body.



Attendance is required for all of the course activities, including: lectures, laboratory exercises, conferences, demonstrations, and examinations. Attendance may be taken during all course activities.

Course Instructors

Instructor Building Office Telephone Email address
Michael G. Levitzky, PhD (Director) MEB 7205 568-6184
Jason Gardner, PhD (Co-Director) MEB 7265 568-7252
Kathleen McDonough, PhD MEB 7262 568-6197
Patricia Molina, MD, PhD (Department Chair) MEB 7205A 568-6187
Betsy Giaimo MEB 7202 568-6178
Graduate Assistant MEB 7F3 568-6179  
Physiology Main Office MEB 7C2 568-6171