Lectures are designed to introduce the student to a specific topic of physiology. Lecturers may integrate recent advances in the field into their lectures; some of this material may not yet be found in textbooks. Other instructors may use a more classical approach. Often you will find a combination of these two approaches. In any event, the information obtained in lectures should be supplemented with reading from the text. Because of time restraints, questions during a lecture are not recommended. Questions may be answered between lectures or in the lecturer’s office.


The laboratories will enable you to acquire additional information that will help you to better understand some of the lecture material and related subjects.

Organization of Laboratory Exercises and Conferences

Your participation in laboratories and conferences will be in small groups. These groups of students should be able to work together in a spirit of cooperation in order to complete the lab assignments most efficiently and accurately. Failure to hand in the lab reports will result in a loss of some part of the laboratory grade. Missing a laboratory session will also result in a loss of some part of the laboratory grade; attendance is taken at all laboratory exercises.


All of the examinations will be given in the MDL Laboratories.

Grades for each examination may be curved (only if necessary) by adjusting the raw scores by well- established statistical procedures. Adjusted numerical grades will then be posted. If your performance on any of these examinations is below passing or just borderline, you will be notified by the Course Director and possible remedies (tutoring, etc.) will be suggested for upgrading your performance.

1 Clicker bonus point may be awarded per block exam based on correct responses to questions.


There will be two sectional examinations prepared by our faculty. The two departmental examinations will include multiple choice type questions, similar to those found on the National Boards. All aspects of the course, including lectures, laboratories, demonstrations, and clinical correlations, will form the basis for each departmental examination. There will be questions on the clinical correlations on each examination.

2017 Examination Schedule

Exam #DateTime

Lectures Included

From  - Through

Labs included

From - Through


Fri, Feb 3

9:00 AM 1/11 - 2/21/11-2/2

Fri, Feb 17

9:00 AM2/4-2/162/4-2/16

   Final Grade

Each sectional examination will represent 48.5% of the final grade.

Lab participation will count for 3.00%

A         > 90

B       = 80-89.9

C       = 70-79.9

F          < 70


In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to remediate a failure in Physiology, a student must pass an approved summer medical physiology course before the next semester begins.


Ethical Considerations

Although almost all Medical and Graduate students are honest and abhor cheating, there are a few who might consider it. The Department of Physiology will not tolerate such antisocial behavior. Therefore, we along with the other Basic Science Departments, have agreed on the following policy:

It is expected that all students will maintain a high standard of honesty. During examinations, any verbal or written communication will be with the examination proctors only. If the proctors feel that your actions suggest that you are copying answers from another student or are engaged in similar acts of cheating, their responsibility is to seek other witnesses and gather all available evidence in an attempt to determine whether or not you are cheating. You will therefore not be warned, confronted or moved during the examination. Because no material (including calculators) are allowed at your examination seat, any extraneous material seen in your possession will be confiscated. Refusal to give such material to proctors upon their request will be construed as an attempt to cheat. In all cases, you will be allowed to finish the examination.

In addition, signing an attendance sheet for someone else will be considered an act of cheating and will be dealt with in the same manner.


The Department of Physiology hopes that your experience with Physiology will be both successful and rewarding.