At LSU there is research going on in all aspects of medicine. The department of Psychiatry has numerous research projects in Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Adult Psychiatry.Each resident is required to work on and develop a particular research activity of his/her choosing and provide protected elective time to do so.  Past scholarly activities have involved the following:

  • Development and/or collaboration in ongoing research with co-authoring of article or special presentation to professional group
  • Involvement in independent research under the supervision of a faculty mentor
  • Development of a media presentation for medical students
  • Development of an educational media oriented presentation for pediatric residents
  • Development of a research protocol or a pilot project
  • Trial and practical application of a specific motivational interview for adolescents with substance abuse disorders
  • Presentation at LSU or Tulane Grand Rounds
  • Planning and implementing a Community Educational Program
  • Abstracts at National Meetings
  • AACAP Newsletter articles
  • Leading Main Academic Seminar