Howard J. Osofsky, MD, PhD


Kathleen and John Bricker Chair and Professor and Head

Teaching Position:

Supervisor-Graduate Psychotherapy Clinic

Clinical and Research Interests:

Dr. Osofsky's clinical interests focus on adult psychodynamic psychotherapy. His research interests have been focused in three major areas in recent years: 1) geriatric psychiatry -- looking at the role of education and employment opportunities for elderly in improving cognitive, social and economic well-being; and 2) violence intervention/ diversionary programs for high-risk children and youth, and 3) correctional initiatives with focus on mental health issues relevant for police and correctional officers.

Since 1990, several significant grant supported programs have been initiated in which Dr. Osofsky served as principal investigator (PI) or co-principal investigator:

The Greater New Orleans Consortium for Educational Opportunities for Older Adults/The Rosa Keller Campus which provides educational opportunities, sponsored by all eight universities and colleges in the region, for the elderly, private foundations

Training of Older Adults as Case Management Aides, National Institute of Mental Health

Training Program for Older Adults and welfare recipients to serve as counselors for high risk youth and adults in parish prison, AARP

Youth Leadership Program-a diversionary program for first time nonviolent juvenile offenders, private foundations and Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff's Office

Safe Start Initiative-Tier II -a federal Office of Juvenile Justice grant related to coordinating intervention efforts to deal with children and families exposed to domestic and community violence.

Prevention and Intervention Program: Children as Silent Victims of Domestic Violence - LSU Biomedical Research Fund

Starting Secure: Developing the Emotional, Intellectual, and Social Capacity of Young Children in Childcare- Institute of Mental Hygiene

"Cops Care About Kids" - Orleans Parish Office for Victims of Crime

Co-site Director of Early Trauma Treatment Network (4 sites granted) Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)


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