Recent LSUHSC-LSU Collaborative Grant Recipients



“Bilateral Transfer of Motor Skills and Brain Activation Patterns: A First Step to Determine Whether Rehabilitation Protocols using Transfer Are Appropriate for Older Individuals”

Arend Van Gemmert (LSU A&M) and Owen Carmichael (PBRC)


“Computational Fluid Dynamics and Pediatric Airway Obstruction: Methodology and Potential Applications”

Michael Dunham (LSUHSC-NO) and Keith Gonthier (LSU A&M)


“The Effect of Screen-Time Exposure and Sedentary Behavior on Preschool Children’s Fundamental Motor Skill Acquisition”

Kip Webster (LSU A&M) and Amanda Staiano (PBRC)


“The Role of Maternal Adipose Tissue in the Preeclamptic-like BPH/5 Mouse”

Jennifer Sones (LSU A&M) and Leanne Redman (PBRC)


“Role of Type 7 Adenylyl Cyclase in Innate Immunity”

Masami Yoshimura (LSU A&M) and Guoshun Wang (LSUHSC-NO)


“Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Civilian Gunshot Victims: A Design and Feasibility Trial”

Erich Conrad (LSUHSC-NO), Jennifer Hughes (LSUHSC-NO) and Xin Shane Li (LSU A&M)



“Mechanisms of sigma66-RNAP: CT663-mediated Transcriptional Regulation”

Megan Macnaughtan (LSU A&M) and Li Shen (LSUHSC-NO)


 “Novel MicroRNA Based Therapeutic Approaches to Suppress Breast Tumor Growth Using SPECT Imaging"

Michael Mathis (LSU A&M) and Suresh Alahari (LSUHSC-NO)


 “Cellular Scaffolds: A Novel Approach for the Production of Functional, Implantable Microvascular Networks”

Todd Monroe (LSU A&M) and Frank Lau (LSUHSC-NO)


 “Cell Traction Force Measurement to Investigate Tumor-Suppressive Function of Nischarin”

Kidong Park (LSU A&M) and Suresh Alahari (LSUHSC-NO)


 “Cardio-pulmonary Responses in Mice Following Inhalation Exposure to Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals”

Arthur Penn (LSU A&M), Slavo Lomnicki (LSU A&M), Kurt Varner (LSUHSC-NO) and Mitzi Glover (LSUHSC-NO)


 “Phenotypic and Transcriptomic Analyses of Vibrio Cholerae Colonial Phase Variants”

Gregg Pettis (LSU A&M) and Christopher Taylor (LSUHSC-NO)


“GUMBOS, a New Therapeutic Approach for the Prevention and Treatment of Gonorrhea”

Isiah Warner (LSU A&M) and Jeffrey Hobden (LSUHSC-NO)


“Additive Manufacturing and Stem Cell Recruitment for Enhancing Osseointegration”

Shaomian Yao, Shengmin Guo (LSU A&M) and Thomas Lallier (LSUHSC-NO)