The Student Government Association serves as the elected governing body representing all LSU-NO School of Medicine students.  We serve as a liaison between the student body and the LSU-NO administration, faculty, and staff.  We are dedicated to addressing any and all student concerns, and work with the faculty, deans, and administration in making strides towards further improvement and innovation on campus.  Our goal is to act on the will, and in the best interest of the school’s students to oversee all student-run organizations, and to plan extracurricular events that foster teamwork and camaraderie.  Freshmen peer groups, annual Family Days, and intramural athletics are just a few of the ways we attempt to make life on campus more manageable and enjoyable for our medical students.  In addition to our efforts on campus, SGA is rooted in service with a major emphasis on bettering our beloved local community.  Our mission goes hand-in-hand with the development and promotion of New Orleans and its residents, and this ideal is embodied with activities like Tiger Run, as well as the local charities that benefit from our many school-sponsored events.

Representatives from each of the almost thirty interest groups, as well as the nine elected executive officers, the four class presidents, and administration from the Office of Student Affairs meet monthly to discuss the status of ongoing projects and new developments.  These meetings are open to the entire student body, and provide a relaxed forum for the discussion of diverse opinions and ideas.  Meeting dates and times can be found on our SGA calendar.  For students who are unable to attend, there are official minutes available so that every student may stay in the know.

School History

LSU School of Medicine was founded in New Orleans in 1931 adjacent to Charity Hospital; the school accepted both freshmen and junior classes, which started in October 1931.  Dr. Arthur Vidrine was appointed as the first Dean of the medical school and simultaneously served as the Superintendant of the Charity Hospital.  This connection with Charity Hospital has strongly influenced the school, now known officially as LSUHSC Medical School in New Orleans, especially in its mission to educate physicians in Louisiana while at the same time caring for the indigent patients in the New Orleans area.  The administration, alumni, and students all believe this connection to be a valuable asset in our medical education; therefore, we work hard to give back to the community through events such as Camp Tiger – a 5 day camp for children with mental and physical disabilities, Student Run Homeless Clinics, renovating community playgrounds, and rebuilding homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  Since the first class graduated in 1933, LSU New Orleans has trained more than 8,500 physicians, and the student body looks forward to joining our alumni in the near future.