Family Weekend 2017

The 2017 Family Weekend will kick off with the luxurious Camp Tiger Auction on Friday, March 31st. Enjoy fine food and drink in support of Camp Tiger – a week-long, student-run camp for physically and/or mentally-challenged children in the Greater New Orleans area. All proceeds benefit Camp Tiger so that it may remain free for the campers’ families. Ticket orders and donations may be made here:


Don’t stay out too late because the party continues with Family Day the next morning — Saturday, April 1st. There will be a Dean’s luncheon, guided tours of the simulation labs on the 5th/6th floors of Lions Building, and an optional tour of the MEB. We sayoptional because there will be no guided tours of the MEB, but you are encouraged to walk your parents around the MEB lecture halls, lounge, MDLs, etc. This is a great opportunity to show your parents where you’ve sacrificed countless hours of your youth.


There will also be an optional tour of the publicly-available areas of University Medical Center (UMC)! Every parent has heard about the $1 billion dollar hospital, but very few have had the chance to experience it. Likewise, this will also be a great opportunity for the underclassmen/women to tour the hospital. We say optional because space is limited and we realize not all parents would like to make the trek to UMC. Below is the sign-up sheet for the UMC tours to take place during Family Weekend – specifically Saturday, April 1st! Please reserve a spot for EACH of your family members by writing their name (and your name) on separate blanks of the sign-up sheet as there will be name tags upon arrival. Lastly, you ONLY need to sign-up on the below sheet if you and your family want to go on the UMC tour — no need to RSVP for any other Family Weekend festivities. Spots will fill on a first-come-first-served basis so act swiftly!


Lastly, there will be an evening, off-campus social at Bayou Beer Garden at 5pm* — Saturday, April 1st! Come show your parents the New Orleans’ night life that you often daydream about but rarely experience.


Here is the weekend’s schedule for your convenience:

Friday, March 31st, 2017 — Camp Tiger Auction
7:00-11:00pm Camp Tiger Auction @ Club XLIV (Champions Square, LaSalle St)
Saturday, April 1st, 2017 — Family Day
11:00-11:30 Registration (1st floor Lions) & Lunch (6th floor Lions)
11:45-12:15 Dean’s Welcome (6th floor Lions)

–          Dr. Steve Nelson

–          Dr. Cathy Lazarus

–          Thomas Steele

–          Todd Lambert

–          John Miller

12:15-1:15 Tour #1 (Gold – UMCPurple – 5th/6th Lions & MEB)
1:15-2:15 Tour #2 (Gold – 5th/6th Lions & MEBPurple – UMC)
5:00p*-until Evening Social @ Bayou Beer Garden (326 N Jefferson Davis Pkwy)

*Note that you may have previously seen this time as 7pm. For your convenience, the time has been changed to 5pm.

Thanks for your attention, and I look forward to seeing you there!



Scroll / click below to see the poster for 2017 Family Weekend

Download (PDF, 295KB)

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