Leagues: Men’s

All games are to played @ the Basketball Courts behind the Dorms located on Perdido and Bolivar.






Registration Form for Intramurals

Rules: (note there are no referees; we will have hired referees for Playoffs)

  1. Games will be played 5 on 5.
  2. Regular baskets are worth 2 points,  shots from 3 point line will be 3 points, no free throws.
  3. Games will be played straight up to 21 with teams switching sides when one team reaches 11 (halftime).
  4. One team gets the ball in the first half and the other team gets the ball in the second; there is no jump-ball.
  5. Each team has 3 timeouts (for the whole game)
  6. Teams may substitute players after a timeout or at the beginning of their own possession (after a score) as long as they alert the other team of the exchange.
  7. All fouls result in the ball being taken out mid court. (call your own fouls)
  8. If an argument over a call is not handled within 30 seconds, it shall then be decided by a do-or-die shot from behind the 3-point arc.
  9. No dunking.

Pictures: Final Four 2014

Congrats to 2014 Basketball Champs: D1’s