L3 Resources

General Information

3rd year of medical school marks the transition from lecture based courses to clinical clerkships in area hospitals. This is an exciting year, as  it is the time where a medical student finally begins to see and manage patients. Once a student successfully passes Step 1 (at the end of 2nd year,) he/she begins 3rd year with 2 weeks of pre-clerkship lecture courses, followed by dispersement into hospitals to experience a wide variety of medical specialties.

3rd year is divided into four 12-week blocks. The breakdown of the blocks is as follows (each block totals 12 weeks):

Block AOB-GYN (6 weeks); Psychiatry (6 weeks)

Block B: Internal Medicine (10 weeks – divided into 4 weeks of Medicine-Wards, 4 weeks of  Medicine-Consults, 2 weeks of Medicine-Clinics) ; Neurology (2 weeks)

Block C: Surgery (12 weeks total- divided into 6 weeks of General Surgery, 3 weeks of Surgical Subspecialty, and 3 weeks of a Career Planning Elective)

Block D: Pediatrics (8 weeks); Family Medicine (4 weeks)

Although the Blocks are designated by letters above, this does not denote the order in which a student will complete the clerkships. Although the courses within a block will always be completed together (ex. Psychiatry and OB-GYN,) the order of the 12 week blocks will vary. At the end of each course, a student will be required to Pass a standardized test assessing their knowledge of the recently completed clership.

The Money
Class Dues $85
PPD $5
U-World $400 for 1 year subscription
NBME Practice Exams $20/block
STEP 2 CK/CS $1350
    STEP 2 traveling costs during L4 year depends on location: Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles.  It is strongly suggested to take STEP 2 prior to November 1st, 2017.

iPad Mini ~$600 (included on fee bill)

Preparing for 4th year

January/February:  Register for Step 2 CS (must take by December 31, best to take before November 4)  and Step 2 CK (take July/August/September, BEST is by mid August)
February/March: log into VSAS and create a profile
March/April:  apply for away electives through VSAS or using compendium on AAMC website for non VSAS sites (https://services.aamc.org/eec/students/)
May/June: continue to apply for away electives, develop draft fourth year schedule, request letters of recommendation
June/July: study for/take Step 2 CK or begin Block 1 senior rotation, finalize fourth year schedule, request letters of recommendation
June/July/August: work on and finish ERAS application including personal statement and noteworthy  characteristics for MSPE, take fourth year AI, electives, away rotations
September/October: register for NRMP (or other match if military, urology or ophthalmology)
November/December/January: interviews
February: submit NRMP rank order list
March: MATCH

Making a 4th Year Schedule

Participate in critical concepts lottery (February/March)
Apply for away rotations during blocks 1-5 of 4th year (July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov)
Do AI or secondary AI in the field you plan to go into (usually within first three blocks)
**The rest of the year is really up to you.**
Remeber, you cannot do more than 16 weeks (AI and seconday AI included) in the same discipline.

Helpful Links

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