Preparation for STEP1: Resources/Costs


  1. Purchase First Aid $40
  2. Purchase Pathoma $85-100  (Pathology Course Director will also suggest you purchase the Robbins Textbook ~$100)
  3. Purchase Sketchy-Medical $159/year
  4. Sign up for U-world with school discount
    • Register for 1 free month that is purchased by the school and activate the account when you are ready (you must sign up for account during this time for discount)
    • Alternatively, use discount to purchase a larger package (3 months-1 year, $100-$300) and do questions all year long
  5. Consider Cram Fighter $80/year to make a study schedule (20% off Code: LSU2017)


  1. Student Affairs will contact you about setting up USMLE account for taking STEP1
  2. Register for a STEP 1 date, $600


  1. Make a plan to review the past 2 years (if you haven’t already)
  2. What exactly is Step 1?
  3. Again, consider Cram Fighter $80/year to make a study schedule
  4. If you are just starting, about 20 U-World questions/day will get you through all of them by May.


  1. NBME Practice exams $50-$60 each (as many as 6 available)
    (One will be purchased by Student Affairs, and you must pass before taking actual exam)

    1. Go to
    2. Click Login on the left-side of screen
    3. Choose the Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment (CBSSA)

Other STEP Prep Materials

  1. Doctors in Training Videos (DIT) ~$800
  2. USMLE-Rx Qmax  $100– ?  (discounts run frequently, sign up for free-trial and wait for discount)
  3. Pages of resources can be found listed in First Aid
  4. Dr. Farris recommends Lippincott Questions for Neuro Review