Cultural and Religious Awareness in Medicine (CRAM)

Cultural and Religous Awareness in Medicine (C.R.A.M.) is an organization comprised of students from across all of the professional schools at the LSU Health Science Center to promote cultural and religious diversity and education. This organization celebrates the diversity amongst students, faculty, and staff by providing a platform to learn about and share different religious customs and cultural celebrations. Each meeting will focus on a specific religious holiday or cultural custom that is presented by a member of the LSUHSC community speaking on behalf of their own experiences; where we can learn about tradition, participate in rituals, and eat lots of food! Everyone is welcome, whether you want to share a celebration of yours or just learn about a new culture during your lunch break! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Melanie Hotz ( or Shukan Patel (


Co-President Melanie Hotz
Co-President  Shukan Patel
Vice President Hiba Elaasar
Secretary Kelly Scott
Communications Chair  Mallory lowe
Treasurer  Brianna Hurdle
Faculty Advisor

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