Spanish in Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

The Spanish in Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) aims to address the needs of Spanish-speaking patients. Our goals are to bring awareness to the healthcare needs and disparities of the Latino and Hispanic communities of Louisiana, to aid in alleviating those disparities, and to educate future and current healthcare professionals in the Spanish language, to better facilitate relationships with their patients. We pursue these goals through Spanish classes for beginning and advanced speakers and opportunities to practice clinical Spanish, bilingual volunteer opportunities such as health fairs and community clinics, service trips in Spanish-speaking countries. Finally, we share the Latino and Hispanic culture, food, and music through culturally enriching activities.


President Chris Chedid
Secretary & Treasurer Thanh Phan
Education Chair Andrew Mullet
Language Immersion Chair David Mas
Community Service Chair Andrea Dousdebes
Faculty Advisor Dr. Lisa Moren

Top of the Andes, Peru 2015

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