Student Run Community Clinics



We are a fully organized and staffed team of medical students who are dedicated to providing a foundation of quality healthcare to only the underserved and disadvantaged of the New Orleans community. We operate to offer a myriad of clinical services to heal patients as well as provide referrals for specialized care within the LSUHSC Healthcare System.

NOM Clinic Director Caroline Bergeron
NOM Pharmacy Director Greg Benes
NOM Secretary Megan Escott
OZ Clinic Director Ashlin Hinojosa
OZ Pharmacy Director Harrison Daste
OZ Secretary Kyle Mistretta
STD/HIV Coordinator Brock Williams
TB Coordinator Sarah Rimmer
Treasurer Mallory Crawford
Volunteer Coordinator Dahlia Khalifa
Technology Chair Catherine Fontenot
PR/Outreach Coordinator Lily Chen
Community Resource Providers

Nora Maria Fuller

Izzy Hermantin

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Mission & Vision


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