Who participates in the Clinics?

Both sites have roughly five rotating teams, each composed of 12-15 volunteers. They are equally distributed among the four classes of LSU medical students, who perform functions befitting their class year. Volunteer physicians from LSU manage the clinics and oversee students in each step of the patient’s experience.

What are the duties and responsibilities of student team members?

Team members serve for the duration of their time in medical school. This means that, from the time a student is staffed on a team until he or she graduates, that student is responsible for duty on the team’s scheduled clinic day. Furthermore, students perform functions according to his or her academic year. First year students are the first contact for the patient and obtain vital signs, as well as assist in history-taking. Second-years also take histories and then perform physical examinations. Third-years assist the first- and second-years, while also working with fourth-years to follow patients through the differential diagnosis and treatment plan. It is important to note that all clinic functions are overseen by a volunteer licensed physician from the LSU community. Furthermore, every step of the patient’s visit is managed by the physician, and all diagnoses and treatment plans are finalized by the same. Our primary object is to serve patients effectively, efficiently, and in a compassionate environment. We work very hard to ensure that their medical treatment is just that.

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