As a non-profit community-based program, support from our surrounding communities and affiliates is imperative for the functioning and maintenance of the services our student-run clinics provide.

  • For professional students, physicians, associates of the LSUHSC System, please refer to more information in the Student Section. For physicians and associates interested in offering services, donations (of equipment or medication) or volunteering at the Student-Run Clinics, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at We appreciate your support.
  • For non-students and non-affiliates of the LSUHSC health system, we are excited to mention that there are many avenues with which one can to contribute to our cause. We appreciate promotion of the clinics to our community with advertisements and reputable mention, sponsorship, and references. Please contact PR/Community Liaison at srhc@lsuhsc.edufor more information. Most importantly, the clinics are directly supported by financial donations. For more on contributing financial aid to our clinics, please see more information below.


The student-run clinics are financially supported by community donations and grants, and draws vital support from beneficiaries that recognize the value of our commitment to the underserved. Monetary donations directly fund the resources, equipment, and budget of the clinics and any such financial assistance is greatly appreciated. Donations are managed through the LSUHSC Foundation, which is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Any funds donated to the LSUHSC Foundation for the Student-Run Clinics will be used solely for the benefit of our clinic system.

For more information concerning monetary donations, please contact Treasurer at

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