Women in Medicine

As a Women in Medicine (WIM) member, you will get to hear many different women in various specialties speak about their experiences as a woman in medicine. Some of these include being a female in a male-dominated field, balancing family life and work life, and strategies for planning ahead at every stage of your career. Along with a community service project, WIM also has an extensive networking program that can connect you with female doctors around the state, many of whom are former WIM members. This interest group is open to both men and women who are interested in learning more about women in medicine. Our first meeting is Thursday, August 20th in MEB S4; come join us at 12 pm for some information and free lunch!”
President Monica Hanzo mhanzo@lsuhsc.edu
VP of Comunity Outreach Anna Rees arees1@lsuhsc.edu
Secretary Shannon Beermann sbeerm@lsuhsc.edu
Treasurer Sidrah Syed ssyed4@lsuhsc.edu
Faculty Advisor Dr. Angela McClean

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