Instructions to Request Access to Edit an Interest Group Webpage

Login to the SGA website using your LSUHSC login details (same as email, Moodle, etc.) by clicking the admin tab located at the top of the website.

Upon logging in, your SGA website account will automatically be created, and the SGA Technology Chair will now have access to grant you editing privileges to your interest group webpage. You will use your LSUHSC login details any time you login to edit your webpage in the future.

Next, you will need to send an email to the SGA Technology Chair [Nicolas Chanes (] and include the following information:

  • The name of your interest group
  • Your leadership position in the interest group
  • Include link(s) to the page associated with your interest group that you would like editing privileges. The list of interest groups currently included on the SGA website can be found here: Interest Group List.
    • *If you are a new interest group, please mention that in your email and a new page can be created for your organization.

Once the SGA Technology Chair receives your request, specific instructions regarding how to edit your interest group webpage will be provided in an email response.

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